Friday, November 4, 2011

Couponing Fail

Yesterday we finally went to the grocery store. I hadn't yet organized all my coupons but I grabbed the ones I knew we would use and some I thought we might. I was ready.

Armed with my plastic sleeves of coupons, B and I sauntered down each aisle finding stuff that was on sale that we could get at further discounts. We were doing pretty well, we managed to have coupons for a lot of items we bought. 

We ended up with one and a half cart-fulls of stuff we needed. Entering self checkout brought B back to his teenage days working at Safeway and he expertly loaded the bags into each of our carts. Our final bill was $283 and then he started to scan the coupons. Our coupons saved us.....6 bucks.

6 bucks?!

We only saved $6, and we most likely bought items we might not have otherwise because of the coupons (batteries.) It had been a while since we'd been to the store so I knew this trip would be costly, but I thought we would have saved more than a measly $6.

I guess next time I need to plan our trips out more. I need to scan the sale sections of each store and determine what I'm going to get at each store instead of just using manufacturers coupons at Safeway. I'm finally getting all the coupons organized so next time it will be much easier to determine where we need to go for each item.

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  1. haha this cracked me up! 6 bucks?!!?!?! ahhhhhhh!!!

    no worries, i have gone to the store and saved NO money before because i bought just the fruits, veggies, meat, etc. stuff that coupons just don't exist for and still spent 100 or so with what seemed like nothing to show for it.

    but i learned that the stuff that i really use the coupons on are the "Dry" goods, the toiletries, etc. by saving tons of money on those items, i then don't mind spending a lot at the grocery store and not saving so much.

    it gets better with time.. promise

  2. LOL!! i laugh because this sounds EXACTLY like my first couponing attempt. I think I saved more with my club card than with my coupons. I was like o_O

  3. You know...that stings, doesn't it!?! I have to say....the time it takes to cut out coupons...I have realized its just NOT worth my time in the end. Good try though....

  4. So since you are in the NW like me, you should check out She keeps track of many of the main stores (Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Safeway, QFC) that are here and posts the deals on there, I check her site a lot when I am planning a shopping trip and it has saved me a lot of money, just stick with it. Couponing has a learning curve, especially on groceries.

  5. hey, 6 bucks is 6 bucks!! That's 6 more than I saved. I don't think I have ever used a coupon. I am so ashamed :(

  6. LOL that is hilarious!!! Sounds like me! But hey its 6$! Did you know that if you go to Walmart on a certain day of the week (like here it is tuesdays) they will double the amount off it says on your coupon???

  7. My roommate told me her mom only uses coupons on things that are already on sale..

  8. I love that you are honest about your couponing fail. I have tried couponing and have completely failed. I like your honesty :)


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