Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bloggy Break

Apparently I'm taking an unintentional blogging break. (And I was so proud of myself for actually posting five days last week too! #fail)  I had Monday off work, so I thought it was Sunday and forgot to post Monday. I've been fervently working on something really exciting. And our house got tiny ants coming in through a crack near a window, so I've been cleaning, washing every article of clothing, vacuuming, dusting and getting rid of stuff like a mad woman!

I miss you all, I'll be back to my regular posting schedule next week!

Don't worry, the ants weren't very bad so it was easy to get rid of them. Knock on wood.


  1. 1. Is the exciting project what I think it is? I can't wait!
    2. Grant's Ant Motels are THE BOMB. Totally get rid of ants & keep em away.
    3. I miss your posts & will look forward to them next week. Keep me posted (by email if not blog!).


  2. Glad the ants weren't too persistent!


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