Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bambinos First Halloween

Happy Halloween! The Bambinos' first Halloween was busy! I got home around 5 and they go to bed around 7ish so we had just a few hours to make three stops. But not before we took a ton of pictures.
I wanted to take a funny picture like I have been for the other holidays. I wanted to put them in the pumpkins in their candy corn onesies, but we didn't pick out pumpkins big enough at the patch.

Lamb, Lion and Mountain Man. B's growing a beard just 'cause he can, but now that it's Movember, he'll probably keep it.
I need a tripod so we can get all four of us at once.
We knocked on the door then hid at my Grandma's. We wanted them to stand, but Lovebug kept pressing the side of his face against the door. They don't quite stand by themselves yet.
Peanut's trying to sneak a little TV watching in.
B getting eaten by a lion....always a jokester
Finally! The four of us.
My dad and step mom just came back from Hawaii.
Our last stop was my mom's but she wouldn't let us take pics. By the time we were putting them in the car to head to my mom's, Peanut was arching his back and starting to throw a mini-fit (I am not ready for my 9 month old to throw a fit already!) so we decided next year we'd do our thing and make the fam come to them....except my Grandma, maybe we'd see her the day before like we did B's mom this year.

And for those who asked, here's how the candy corn onesies turned out
If you try your own, make the orange stop at the top before you think it should, because it bleeds up (and turns yellow.) I had the whole upper chest part white but because of the bleeding, it didn't stay that way. 


  1. OMG! these are the cutest little babies I have ever seen in my life!! please bless me wiht your twin ability! i want them soo bad! The picture of them sitting on your porch absolutely to die for!
    Got yourself a new follower!
    take care!

  2. Oh my heart...be still. They are two of the most precious, cute, perfect lil boys I have ever seen. I am NOT just saying that because I love you either. Too cute. Them waiting at the door for grandma is the best. Love how your candy corn onesies turned out! Definitely an improvement from the 1st run. You live. You learn. Fantastic!!!!

  3. They are so cute I can hardly stand it. I sent this post to my sister so she could experience how adorable they are. GOODNESS!!!! The lion and the lamb!!! And their little faces & hair in the last pic in the candy corn onesies are tooooooo precious. LOVE IT!

  4. Love that picture of the sitting at the door at your Grandmas! Too cute!

  5. ooooooohhmmyyyggoossh!!! SO ADORABLE ! LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of them sitting at the door of grandma's! LOVE IT!!!

  6. Hi! I just stumbled across your lovely blog. I must say, your two little one's are absolutely ADORABLE. And I must agree with Raven, the picture of them sitting at the door of grandma's is amazing! You have such a beautiful family!

    Stop by my blog if you ever get a chance,



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