Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Three Thanksgivings

It's true. This year we had three different Thanksgivings. After being at everyone's house for only 10 minutes on Halloween, we decided to split our celebration into different days so we'd actually have time to enjoy our family. And, let's face it, the Bambinos are less grumpy if they're not being carted from house to house. Thanksgiving Day we spent at my dad and step-mom's, with her family.

First they napped
"I'm happy to see you!'
Lovebug has figured out how to pull the bumpers down when I'm reading a story. It's so cute I can't help but smile, but I'm afraid it just encourages him.
They tried turkey for the first time. Lovebug loved it (of course) and Peanut wasn't so sure...
First taste of turkey
They really like bread and rolls, (they are their mother's children,) but I really try to stress giving them a lot of veggies and more meat. 

Friday morning, we tried on the 'coon skin caps a co-worker bought when they were born.
Since my sister picked out lumberjack shirts for them, we thought it was fitting.

Peanut's been making some of the funniest faces. As soon as I get the family ones on Thanksgiving from my Dad, I'll have to post it. One just cracked me up and  showed everyone in the room.

 I ended up making dinner because my mom got a scratched cornea. She could barely open her right eye. It's a good thing the ham she bought was already cooked so I only had to warm it up and put on the glaze. Luckily we decided to go a little untraditional this year since we were celebrating for three days. Otherwise, I would have had to cook a turkey! .....Or we would have been eating out :)

After dinner was presents! My Aunt brought Christmas presents from her and my Grandma last time she came to visit my mom. I convinced my mom to let them open them early, but they weren't sure what to do.

Two new toys and all you want is the basket one comes in.

Sunday we had lunch at B's mom's. Since his whole family is vegetarian, his sister made a version of manicotti. It had spinach and tofu but it was pretty good. It's one of the vegetarian dishes they make that I actually like. We gave the boys some of the filling and they loved it. 
 The Bambinos brushed up on their piano skills
And read books with Grandmommy. It was a pretty low-key day but a great way to end four days off.

I'm so glad we split our Thanskgiving into three days. In the past, we've done my parents on the same day and it's a lot of running around. Now you add babies into the mix. Plus, like my mom said, "Kids don't know it's not the actual day of the holiday anymore."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!
I've been reflecting a lot lately on all the things I'm thankful for. At the top of my list is the Bambinos, obviously. They've enriched my life in ways I couldn't have imagined even a year ago. I'm learning so much from them.

I could go on and on about what I'm thankful for, but I won't :)

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 21, 2011

I Used To Have Time For Blogging

I used to have time for blogging when The Bambinos slept 13 hours at night. I used to have time for blogging, when B worked on his car in the garage every single night. I used to have time for blogging when the Bambinos didn't wake up until 8am every morning.

Now? Now we wake the Bambinos every night at 10pm to give them a bottle. Now, B sits inside and watches TV or goofs off with me...... sometimes he does things like this:
This is better than what he was wearing. Trust me. I'd post it but think he'd get mad
Now, Peanut wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00am every day and screams bloody murder until I get him up even though he's still tired and then needs an early nap.

But you know what? I wouldn't trade my life now for anything. I cherish the moments B and I get to spend together goofing off the way we used to.

And who can resist this sweet little guy cuddling with Mama in between his whines? I secretly love when I get to spend time with the Bambinos individually. It doesn't happen very often, but I think it's so important.

Blogging may take a backseat to my life but I love this life.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bloggy Break

Apparently I'm taking an unintentional blogging break. (And I was so proud of myself for actually posting five days last week too! #fail)  I had Monday off work, so I thought it was Sunday and forgot to post Monday. I've been fervently working on something really exciting. And our house got tiny ants coming in through a crack near a window, so I've been cleaning, washing every article of clothing, vacuuming, dusting and getting rid of stuff like a mad woman!

I miss you all, I'll be back to my regular posting schedule next week!

Don't worry, the ants weren't very bad so it was easy to get rid of them. Knock on wood.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Way You Make Me Feel

Last night I got the best last minute experience. Even though I had left work early for the dentist, when a pair of tickets to the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soliel show opened up, my co-worker was thoughtful enough to get me a pair of tickets.

I couldn't believe it.

I looked into purchasing tickets when I was on maternity leave but for us to get decent seats was just too expensive,  but I had been regretting the decisions not to get them and B and I had been emailing back and forth all week about how we wished we could go.

I owe my co-worker lunch, big time. 

It's funny what two beers'll do to ya when you've quit drinking.

We ended up in the 10th row. Our seats couldn't have been more perfect unless we were in the 10th row facing the front instead of the side because all the action was directed towards the front.
I've posted about my love for Michael Jackson a few times.

And this show did not disappoint.

See that big blob near the pole? I like to think it's MJ's spirit getting in on the fun.

For the first time ever, when I said, "I want her body," B agreed with me. It was pretty fantastic.

The show was so good, and weirdly emotional. No matter your thoughts on his personal life, there's no denying that Michael Jackson was an amazing performer and left his mark on music and dance. I kept thinking about that and it made me kind of sad. Plus, I'll Be There gets me every time anyway.

The only disappointing part of the show is PYT was not included, that's my favorite song and neither this show nor This Is It included it. I guess he just has too many good ones and they have to cut something out.

If you get a chance to see the show in your area, go! Go now!

And, just because I couldn't decide which video to show you, I'll let you decide: Smooth Criminal, Thriller, and I Just Can't Stop Loving You

I'd embed them but I'm kind of afraid MJ's estate might come after me or something.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sesame Noodles

Hello new followers :) I'm glad you're here. I hope you stick around and join me in this crazy life. Of course, I love all of my followers, not just the new ones.

I'm lucky in that B makes dinner for us almost every night. But lately, I've been trying to branch out and learn how to cook some stuff too. I've been craving sesame noodles so I looked up a recipe and I found this easy one from The Pioneer Woman. I tried 'em out Sunday night and....
Add caption

I feel blasphemous saying I don't like something from the Pioneer Woman but the noodles could have used a little more flavor. And I'm used to eating them cold so I think eating them warm threw me off a bit too. They were quick and super easy, I just expected more flavor.

A friend came over last night so I tried making the noodles again. I was determined to make sesame noodles I actually like. I used this recipe, it's just as easy, the only difference is you use the stove to make the sauce on this one.

Success! I'll admit, I used way too much chili oil. I was so used to using tablespoons for the rest of the recipe that I used 2 tablespoons of chili oil instead of 2 teaspoons. But you know what? They were perfect. And tasty. And I'm not a spicy person at all.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Erin Condren Bandwagon

Thank you for all your kind comments about losing the baby weight. It's seriously the nursing. I have a post coming up about post-baby body soon.

After seeing the Erin Condren life planners all over blogs, I didn't get what the big deal was. I have my phone, everything goes into my phone so I didn't see a need for a planner. But what if something ever happened to my phone? I would be lost. Seriously. All Dr. appointments, work engagements for B and me, dinners with friends, everything goes into my phone.

Since Zulily had such a great deal on Erin Condren products recently ($25 for $50,) I purchased one and then used  a promo code to get an even bigger discount so I ordered the life planner and a gift card.

I'm always like a kid at Christmas waiting for any packages to show up in the mail so I squealed with excitement on Saturday when this beautiful box was delivered.
Cute packaging always sucks me in.
I'm obsessed with my kids so of course I chose their picture for the front.

The planner seems pretty fantastic so far. I love the tabs, the page marker, the area for goals (I'm writing down something I'm thankful for each day in November.) One thing I didn't expect was how big it is. If I would have read the description better I would have seen that it's 7x9. I'd heard rave reviews about the big boxes to write in but it didn't occur to me that the planner would be significant bigger than other planners I've had in the past. As a former Huge Handbager, I'm trying to simplify a bit so I'm not sure how easy it's going to be to carry this around with me everywhere like I was planning to.

I do have one problem with the planner though. The planner is so pretty and colorful, not just any old pen will do. I need pretty, colorful pens to go along with my wonderful new planner. I'm a little OCD and want everything to be color coded so I need to get my butt to Target and finally find colorful pens I looked for all weekend at other stores.

Does anyone else have that problem?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Le Fauxed

I had the best time Saturday night! I went out for the first time without The Bambinos or B. I've run errands since they were born but not gone out and done anything fun. This girl's night was much needed and so fun.
This was the perfect place for a girl's night: Le Faux at Julia's on Broadway. Not only is it a celebrity impersonation show, they're all men. It's a drag show! If you're ever in the Seattle area, I recommend you go, it's a fun time.

If you've been reading for awhile, I've seen the show before, B and I accidentally ended up there, it was a night to remember!*
The "actress" who did Liza Minelli and Lady Gaga is the same one who did Lady Gaga for us at the concert.
And the one who did Britney for us was the same one who was Britney in this show.

The host, Mama Tits. It was her last night hosting the show.
I was not impressed with their Michael Jackson. He looked like he was half-assing it and did a few moves that were not MJ-ish at all. But, I LOVE MJ, people who don't love him as much probably wouldn't know the difference.They did a really good job on his makeup though making him have the chisled cheekbones and cleft chin.

This pink is the same guy who did Britney above, what a difference makeup makes, huh?

 Same as Liza Minelli. We were also treated to a performance by Cher, Ke$ha, Tamara the Trapeeze Lady and the new host, Jinx Monsoon.

My girlfriend and I were positive Jinx was a lady because she had an awesome singing voice, she didn't have an adam's apple, and she was very loose with her movements, much more so than men trying to play girl's are. We thought she was a lady trying to look like a man trying to look like a lady (got that?) but my friend asked one of the female backup dancers in the bathroom who said Jinx is a man.

Later, she was doing her own version of Fergalicious and rapped, "'Cause a lady I am not." and everyone's jaw dropped. It was pretty priceless.

If you're ever in the Seattle area, make sure you hit up this show....or better yet, come visit me and we can go together.

Don't forget about the My Memories Suite giveaway, it ends Friday!

*Apparently I never blogged about seeing Le Faux before but when B and I went we thought we were going to a burlesque show but the ticketing agent got the dates wrong. We were in the 2nd row, and B was near the aisle. A "woman" in a low-cut (buttless) dress sat on his lap and made him grab her boobs. When I asked what they felt like, he said, "Nerf footballs." 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Couponing Fail

Yesterday we finally went to the grocery store. I hadn't yet organized all my coupons but I grabbed the ones I knew we would use and some I thought we might. I was ready.

Armed with my plastic sleeves of coupons, B and I sauntered down each aisle finding stuff that was on sale that we could get at further discounts. We were doing pretty well, we managed to have coupons for a lot of items we bought. 

We ended up with one and a half cart-fulls of stuff we needed. Entering self checkout brought B back to his teenage days working at Safeway and he expertly loaded the bags into each of our carts. Our final bill was $283 and then he started to scan the coupons. Our coupons saved us.....6 bucks.

6 bucks?!

We only saved $6, and we most likely bought items we might not have otherwise because of the coupons (batteries.) It had been a while since we'd been to the store so I knew this trip would be costly, but I thought we would have saved more than a measly $6.

I guess next time I need to plan our trips out more. I need to scan the sale sections of each store and determine what I'm going to get at each store instead of just using manufacturers coupons at Safeway. I'm finally getting all the coupons organized so next time it will be much easier to determine where we need to go for each item.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seriously Thursday

It's Seriously Thursday with From Mrs. to Mama

Seriously, this is the pile of coupons on my floor. I'm trying this whole coupon thing ya'll. I need to get the rest of them cut out and organized before the Bambinos wake up.

Seriously, I don't know hoe people get super cheap diapers. I can't figure it out and then couponing makes me feel stupid. We got $4 off which is better than nothing, I guess.

Seriously, my boss called me the other day while I was pumping. And she knew I was pumping. I'm pretty open (IRL, not on the blog) but I don't want to be talking to someone on the phone while my boobs are getting squeezed.

Seriously, I have a little anxiety about planning the Bambinos' first birthday. Invite a lot of people? Or just a few? Where will we have it? How will I make enough food for everyone? I need to start the decorations, etc., etc., They won't remember but it needs to be perfect.

What made you go seriously? this week


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