Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Target Is My Weakness

It's Target Tuesday with Fabulous but Evil! Since I always want something from Target, I thought I'd link up.

 I've been wanting this gray sweater for awhile now, but for some reason, I just haven't been able to bring myself to buy it (or even try it on) I always buy something for the Bambinos instead. I dream of getting dressed in a cozy sweater, leggings and boots every single day.

I'd pair the sweater with  jeggings. I never thought I'd actually own jeggings (and I don't yet) but the few times I've worn leggings lately I haven't wanted to take them off. I think I'd be more comfortable wearing jeggings and a sweater at work that leggings and a sweater.

Love all the buckles on these. Not that I need any more boots, but it would be nice to have something a little more casual with a lower heel. Although, I feel really weird spending $80 for an item at Target. I usually go to Nordstrom for a nice item and get cheap stuff at Target. I guess I just see Target as not being quite as good quality. Anyone else?

Another pair of boots. Again with the buckles.

I would get this bubble umbrella purely because we had one when I was younger...and I live in Seattle.

And last but not least I would get this sweater so I can recreate this outfit like Chelsea did.

Did you get anything from Target lately? Do you want anything?


  1. Love that short sleeve sweater! It would be super cute with leggings and boots! :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater!!! I've been really enjoying my leggings this fall too but have yet to pull the trigger on jeggings..although I did snag a pair of my wee one!!!

    Hope you're having a great week:)

  3. I have a pair of jeggings! I don't wear jeans at all, ever, and I don't wear the jeggings often . . . but they're so comfy & I like them! San Francisco is so funny, cause it's always breezy but never freezing, so I also don't wear a lot of sweaters. I wear dresses & a thin black cardigan at least 5 days a week, ha.

    Target is a huge weakness for all of us, I think . . . I usually get sucked into the makeup/nail polish section, and office supplies (pens, etc.!), and of course the clothes. I haven't bought any clothes there recently but it's time to revisit that. And I totally agree with you--If I saw boots at Nordstrom on sale for $80, I'd think that was a great deal, but it seems ridiculous for Target. haha.

  4. Love Tar-jay. Addicted too. And....I heart bubble umbrellas. So old skool....but in your case, very practical. DO IT!!!!

  5. Target is my weakness too! Love their dresses!

  6. Mmm those boots are lovely, and jeggings. I never thought I would even consider buying a pair, I am now debating them because they do seem so comfortable!

  7. I love my jeggings! Perfect with boots and sweaters or tunics and flats.
    I'm with you.... Who doesn't have an on-going Target wish list? ;)

  8. I LOVE Target. I bought a pair of 'real leather' boots from target online recently. I returned them. They felt too cheap. I put it on my blog. Here is the link...


    That stinks though because they look so cute online!

  9. Target is my weakness too!! I go in to buy toilet paper and come out with $200 worth of random crap. EVERY TIME!!!! Those are some really cute finds :)

  10. Girl, I cannot get out of Target without spending at least $100. That store is dangerous!!!

    I do agree that it would be hard to spend $80 on a single item there though...unless it is a couch...haha!!!

    I love that umbrella! I need it. Even though I'm in Texas and rain is almost a joke here! Ok, ok...you need it. Get it!

  11. do i want anything at target? OF COURSE!!! i want EVERYTHING!!!

    right now i'm coveting their cold weather boots. they're all so cute!!!

  12. Ok, so I bought the grey sweater (from my outfit you're referring to) like foreverrrrr ago. And seriously wear the heck out of it! It's perfect for every season pretty much!


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