Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama Says: Don't Forget About Your Relationship

Meet Floyd
We became friends this weekend
 B and I took a one night trip to the amazingly beautiful Sun Mountain Lodge in Eastern Washington - without the Bambinos!

Woah that was hard.

When I first had the Bambinos, I tried so hard to be super mom (who am I kidding? I still do) and take care of both boys, not neglect my boyfriend, work and still do my part around the house. Actually, the house part is not true. I actually let B do pretty much everything around the house. 

I was good at it for awhile, but I was exhausted. Something had to give. I needed to work to make money so the thing I let up on a bit was my relationship with B. A few months ago, we decided to try and reconnect and build an even better, stronger relationship not only for the boys but for us as well.

With the Bambinos now eating formula and nursing a little less, we decided to take a one night stay to Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop Washington.
The Nanny volunteered to watch the boys overnight and since she's with them all week and knows their schedule, she was the one I'm most comfortable leaving them with. She came over around 1pm and we took off for our adventure. 

About an hour in to our 4 hour drive, we almost got ran off the road, literally. A woman was not paying attention and almost changed lanes right into us. Instead of pulling back into her lane when B honked, she just kept going so we ended up half on the shoulder, just inches away from her car. I'm glad there even was a shoulder instead of a median. The angels or someone were watching over us. 

We saw a black bear down at the river
I had never seen a bear out in the wild before. 

And because Karma's a betch, we came just inches from hitting someone else's truck when B was trying to back up so we could take a pic of the bear. He was watching the right side so he didn't back up over the edge of the bank, he didn't notice the truck on his left that we very nearly hit. But at least he was super apologetic to them man for almost hitting his car. The lady earlier didn't even seem to care.

We debated about the plural of Bigfoot. Is it Bigfoots?.....Bigfeet?

After missing our turn for Sun Mountain, we ended up in Twisp, so our 4 hour trip really ended up taking closer to 6 hours (we also stopped for lunch and a beer after we almost got hit.)

We went to dinner and made friends
We ate way too much and ended up falling asleep around 10:45pm. 

The next morning, I woke early and pumped in the bathroom until B woke up. He made my hot chocolate and enjoyed his coffee while taking in the amazing view
He does not normally sit with his legs crossed, he was trying to be funny for the camera.
B was obsessed with the robe, for some reason. Anyone who knows B knows he does not seem like a robe kind of guy.
The view from our room

Did I mention the room didn't have a TV?! It was great because not having a TV led us to unofficially unplugging for the weekend. We both stayed off our phones and computers, unless we were texting the nanny.

We ended up going back to bed and making up this funny way of talking using the letter P. I won't explain it because it's one of those stupid things that are only funny to us, but it cracked us up to the point of tears.

Eventually, it was time to leave, but not before I took a ton of pictures. It was so quiet and still out there, I loved it.
The valley in front of the lodge

Found some roosters
Eating lunch in Winthrop was a lot of fun because they really really preserved the buildings originally erected in the 1890s so we almost felt like we were on a movie set. There were planked wood walkways instead of sidewalks, for the most part.
We went through Wenatchee to get back home (I forgot underwear! Who does that?! I normally take 6+ pairs for a two night stay) but we made a stop at Costco for formula (& underwear) so our drive home still took almost as long to get home as it did to get there, but I'm so grateful for the time B and I took to just enjoy each other.

We had a lot of fun just hanging out and being dorks the way we used to before the Bambinos were born. Of course, we couldn't wait to get home and see them, but I definitely think we need to get away every once in awhile and  enjoy being Lindsay and B- in a relationship instead of Lindsay and B - E&E's super-parents.

Although we're not sure we'd go back (it's a long drive fore just one night) I think we both enjoyed ourselves to the point where we'll try and make it a point to get away once in awhile sans kids.


  1. Totally Agree {Although no kiddos over here.. just yet} I still thinking weekends away or just date night help couples reconnect and get out of the daily routine! Nice pictures.. this place looked like soo much fun!

  2. We did an overnight getaway last weekend! Even though we dont have kids, its important for all relationships so good for yall!!! Did you update your reader/dashboard with my new domain?

  3. all of these images make your trip look like so much fun! and they also make me miss washington that much more. of course, i'm from the puget sound area but a lot of my family lives in spokane so it's all the same thing, ha
    xo TJ


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