Monday, October 10, 2011

Mama Says: Don't Buy Your Kids Fancy Toys

Over the weekend (we didn't get to visit the pumpkin patch btw) I decided to buy the Bambinos this car toy I've been wanting for awhile. We first saw the commercial for it when I was pregnant, Boyfriend exclaimed, "Cool!" and I told him we should at least wait until they're born.

A bit after the Bambinos were born, we decided not to give the boys any toys with batteries. But, I gave in and bought this toy yesterday. 

Big mistake.

They're terrified of the toy. The middle part spins way faster than we expected and it shoots the cars out pretty forcefully with a loud bang. At first we thought they were scared of it because they were tired but even after they were napped and nursed, we tried again and they cried. 

We took it apart and took it back.

What does keep them happy? A water bottle, the TV remote, my cell phone cover, all kind of other daily instruments that we take for granted.

Go figure.


  1. Yes, go figure indeed!!!! That's funny. Yep, tupperware, wooden spoons, etc....that's all they need. Who knew!?! lol. They will grow to love those other things, I'd bet. But give em til they are 1...

  2. Ha! wait until you buy them a truckload of great toys for Christmas and all they want are the boxes! I still have toys they haven't looked at but the "castle" boxes are still being played with.

  3. haha.....they always prefer the box to the actual toy :)


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