Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Nails

I've posted before about my love for nail polish and nail stuff.

I decided to get a little crafty with mine recently:

I thought it was kind of fun, so I did a fall colorway
If you're interested, I'll do a tutorial soon, it's a little time consuming but super easy with this amazing topcoat I found.

This topcoat is fantastic! You apply it while your nail polish is still wet and it not only helps dry your polish in a matter of minutes,  (brilliant for a mom of twins!) it reacts with your polish and base coat to kind of make it all one coat.

But, this stuff is hazardous. Like, really hazardous. It comes with a warning that reads," This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." Yikes! I'm done having kids for awhile but I want to be able to have another when I choose to. Plus, when I was nursing, I didn't want the Bambinos to get any of the effects. I used it twice until I noticed the label and then gave it to a co-worker who has been using it for years and has grown kids of her own.

I just heard of a topcoat called INM Out the Door which doesn't have toluene in it, so I think I'll try that one.


  1. Right up my alley! I looooove quirky nails, & yours are beauteous. I'm so impressed that you keep up with TWO babies, a job, pretty nails, reading, etc.--I thought I was busy! xo

  2. You should try Piggy Paint. :)

  3. Love the caramel apple mani...So fun! Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!

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