Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween's About Winning

I love to dress up. When I was younger, I wanted to be a ballerina because I wanted to wear costumes. I loved to dance too, but the costumes did it for me. Once I learned about the bloody feet, constant practice and sometimes eating disorders that I decided ballet wasn't for me. Plus, I always liked hip-hop and jazz more. Halloween's the one time of year that I still get to act out my fantasies.

I was like most girl club promoters and went the slutty route in 2008.....and 2007...and 2006. But 2008 was by far my favorite. I thought the tail and ruffles on the back was so cute.
That mirror..... I still have that mirror. It was given to me by the hippie in the picture above. When you pushed a button a face appeared in the mirror and it screamed. After three too many long island's,  it was hilarious to walk up behind people, put my arm around the front of them and make it scream. Apparently I was the life of the party that night.

Funny story: That night, B ended up being at the club for a bachelor party . I'd never spoken more than 10 words to him at work (I can be shy) but I tapped him on the shoulder and before he had enough time to turn around, I gave him a big hug. Luckily, it really was him because I wasn't completely sure when I tapped him, and luckily he recognized me because I obviously don't dress that way at work.

The next day I ran into him telling Roomate about how he saw me (this was before she was Roomate) and I was so embarrassed.

2009, I decided I wanted to win my work's Halloween party (hello $100!) so I searched forever for a big garbage bag. I wouldn't tell B what I was going to be, but he's actually the one that came up with the garbage bag for me. B decided to be a Hooters Girl so he shaved off his beard, bought nylons and a wig, and even wore one of my bras. I came in 2nd to a head in a freezer

There's two buns in my oven! Coming up with a costume while 6 months pregnant with twins can be difficult. I have this issue where I don't want to be anything that someone else might be, or be anything that's been done a million times so I really struggled with a costume. The one thing I knew was I didn't want to do the whole painted stomach thing. Showing my pregnant, bare stomach to strangers really creeps me out.

At the last minute, I was beat by the Wicked Witch of the West's leg's poking out from a house. No joke, Roomate (who was no longer Roomate at that time) made a house out of a cardboard box with individual shingles and everything. For the 2nd year in a row, I came in 2nd.

This year, Halloween is all about winning. I have an idea for a pretty clever costume, I'm just not sure how I'm going to pull it off.

What's your favorite holiday, friends? Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween? 


  1. you are so creative lady!! i loved your costume from last year!! can't wait to see what you come up with for this year! and i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you finally come in first!! ;)

  2. omg that last one made me laugh so hard. I love it!!

  3. You have the best costumes ever! I love the buns in the oven.

  4. You seriously have the best ideas for costumes! I can't wait to see what you do this year!

  5. I love them all! I'm terrible at coming up with costume ideas. I love the buns in the oven!

  6. Love love the bun in the oven costume- genius and so creative!! I am glad I found your site- love the mommy spin, and we have a dog also who was our first baby, but now that we have 3, is just glad to be here. I just did a post on "what does your Halloween costume choice say about you, if anything??" I'm a new follower, check my site out if you get a chance, I'm a mommy with a makeup problem...http://www.jennysuemakeup.com

  7. OMG. I LOVE your buns in the oven costume. Brilliant.


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