Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: Candy Corn Onesie

After A Blue Eyed Boy Met A Brown Eyed Girl pointed in the direction of this tutorial today, I thought it would be cute to try and make a candy corn onesie for each of the Bambinos.

The tutorial calls for Tulip tie dye paint but our Joanne's didn't have any, so I decided to try Rit dye instead. I'm thinking I should have gone with the big tie dye kit even if it had colors I didn't need. 

I started with the orange so that I had a stopping point for my yellow. Otherwise, I was afraid I would go too  far with my yellow and then have to go too far up with my orange. I was okay with leaving just a little white at the top because real candy corns don't have a ton of white.

Then apply the yellow.

I let it sit for an hour or so then  I thought I could rinse it out. Some of the orange ran upwards, I should have left more white space so the orange could run up without the white being compromised.
Rinse it under water until the water runs clear. Keep the onesie with the white at the top otherwise some dye might run into the white part.
The first one all rinsed out. It bled into the white too much and there's not much difference between the orange and yellow.
  After seeing the first one I did and not being too happy with it, I decided to let the other one sit for 4-6 hours (or overnight) like the tutorial says to.
After rinsing, you're supposed to wash them both (or one in most people's cases) in the washing machine by themselves with detergent. I let them sit out to dry instead 'cause I'm not happy with them and they will mot likely become rags. They're 6-9month size so they're almost too small anyway.
The one on the right sat overnight but there's still not much difference between the two onesies. Letting the dye sit longer does not give more vibrant colors.

Run to the store for the actual tie dye kit. Trust me. Rit dye does not work if you follow these directions. The tie die kit, however, does.


  1. What a cute idea! The only bad thing about that is that when you put pants on them, you cover up the bottom color :(

  2. Kudos for trying!!!!! I say slap a big black BOO on em and keep it movin....way to go lady!

  3. I know, I thought about that, Megan. Their costumes will keep them so warm, I can just put the onesie under. And I will make the yellow come up high enough that you can still see it.

  4. SO CUTE! And now, of course, I really want to see them in these onesies. :)

  5. that is so cute! however as you know, I hate DIY. for myself. I wish others would DIthemselves and then give it to me :)

    I wanna see pics with the bambinos in them!

  6. aw love this idea and it's always fun to try your spin on it so at least you know if it did or didn't work. fun DIY project!


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