Monday, October 31, 2011

Always A Bridesmaid

For the third year in a row, I got 2nd place in our work costume contest. I'm always beat by some random person, not even someone who dresses up every year.

I was an old woman who lived in a shoe
Baby Boyfriend is looking out the window....
 She had so many children, she didn't know what to do....

I got beat by this half naked viking. He's one of my own employees - I hired him for our Promotions Team! I have to admit, the costumes good, but I bet he didn't make it all by hand*

Bitter party of one.

*turns out the costume is made by hand - his roomate sews. He deserves to win.....


  1. Shut.up!!!! I just KNEW you would win. Ugh....nekkid vikings....they are SO overrated!!!! ;-) You guys are cute cute.

  2. Totally ridiculous! Yours is SO MUCH MORE ORIGINAL and you obviously should have won! I'm super impressed by your costume--can't believe you made it! It's perfect. Pssssscht 2nd place . . .

  3. Your costume is WAY better!!! How did the Viking win? Your office is crazypants. Boo them. You rule.

  4. Yours is wayyy more unique! :-)

    Pssst I am letting all of my google followers know that I changed my domain to Please update your reader if needed :-) Thanks hun!!!

  5. I liked yours better! Apparently you didn't show enough leg - or chest hair, for that matter - to get first prize. ;) What's this contest based on, anyways? Clearly not originality.

  6. aww :/ your cotume totally blows his out of the water.. although a half naked man?! No.. your is still better :) lol


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