Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm in a slump. Outside of the Bambinos, my life has been consumed by work. I love the Bambinos, and could talk about them all day, but I won't, so you have to settle for So What Wednesday!

So What if I'm happy it's finally fall season although we haven't had great weather all summer anyway. I still feel like I shouldn't be wearing my cute boots during the summer.

So What if I'd rather play with the Bambinos than do anything else. If I could get  paid to play with them all day I would. I'd even turn down plans with my friends to play with them.

So What if I'm super bummed we can't attend a wedding this weekend. It's in Costa Rica, I would kill to be there!

So What if I'm happy we're not attending the wedding only because I can avoid putting on a swimsuit.

 So What if I kind of wish I could still buy school supplies. I haven't bought them in ten years but there's something so fun and satisfying about school supplies...I especially like markers.

What are you saying So What to?


  1. You'll be able to buy school supplies again when the boys go to school! I love them too. Fortunately I work in a school, so they're all around me!

    I hear you on the bathing suit, girl. It's never easy!


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