Monday, September 5, 2011

Mama Says: Chasing Twins in Louboutins

It's Mama Says Monday! Today's featured Mama happens to be one of the first twin blogs I came across, Amanda from Chasing Twins in Louboutins I found her very recently but I love her blog!I asked her to do a guest post and she wrote something up that was exactly what I needed to read. Here's Amanda!

Hi!! I'm Amanda and I have the cutest twins ever made. Okay, they are mine so I should feel that way. I refer to them on my blog as J and E- the little chicken nuggets. J is my sweet little boy who can melt you with his smile, laugh, and good manners. Miss E is baby A all the way! She is like an 85 year old woman and she cracks my butt up. She takes charge of most situations and tries to swindle her little brother out of all the cool stuff. But when she climbs onto my lap and strokes my hair, like I do to her, she has my heart. Their dad, the husband, is my best friend and the best father you could ever ask for. Our marriage works so well because he is so great. No lie.

We tried for a year, with the drugs, to get these little turkeys. And when I went into labor all I kept thinking was "we have made a terrible mistake. I am NOT ready to be someones mother- let alone 2 at once!" And then they came home and I realized it was so heart changing, I could never imagine not having them again {Even when I try and remember what sleeping in was like}. They were born in the beginning of November, and though everyone scares you crapless about RSV season, I refused to sit in the house for months. So I was the mom with 2 week old twins walking around the mall. No one touched them ever, and they didn't get their first cold until they were over a year. Score!

For me, having 2 babies in the beginning was a lot, but not that bad. Granted, no one had colic and they slept. But I did have one with severe reflux and wouldn't wish that on anyone! I will say when the kids started running and E started talking a lot, my days got harder and harder. Around 18 months, E stopped napping and started talking. I've been exhausted ever since. J picked up the talking thing a little bit later and that was fine. Now I have 2 of them yapping all day long. And while it is hilarious most of the time, some days by about 5pm I am mentally empty. For a while during this 2nd year, I felt like we were still inching up this mountain. I kept waiting to peak and for things to begin to get easier. Finally around 2 1/2 I felt that switch. I haven't hit 3 yet and that may be harder, but for now I feel head above water. We can go to restaurants without wanting to run away, and they can do so much more for themselves in general. I also love that at this age you begin to see how much they not only love each other, but really like each other.

The husband and I are truly blessed and lucky. Our relationship has only gotten stronger through the years with all the kids stuff. Whether it was having him stick needles in my behind, or waking up together in the night to take care of two babies. We make sure we go on LOTS of dates alone, a few weekends away, and this past year we had our first week vacation without the kids. Time spent alone with your spouse is so important! It's all about remembering why you are together to begin with and a lot of people forget that or don't make it a priority. My kids know I love them and leaving them for a few hours or a few days won't scar them- not continuing to nurture our marriage will however.

I can't imagine life without our kids. I can't imagine only having one at a time and I thank God everyday for having the 2 at once. There are poofs of moments where I wish I could give them each more attention, but they have something that is so special, I don't think they would ever feel resentful. Imagine having someone who has been with you since conception. Watching the love and respect that they have for one another, even under 3 yrs old, is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The thought of how their relationship will grow through the years {hopefully} can make me weepy in an instant! kiddos
How cute is her family?! That last picture melts my heart. I can't wait for my boys to show signs of their bond like that.

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  1. I too have been following Amanda for a while and she was the first twin blog I found, as well. Love her sense of humor! If you ever need someone to be featured in mama says, I would love to share. I may not be as humorous but my kids sure are!

  2. I have twin nephews and they are amazing!!! Im glad I came across both of your blogs!! I look forward to reading along!

  3. Sooooooooooooooo double the cuteness!!!!! I love it.

  4. Amanda's blog was one of the first I started following when I was pregnant with my twins! Love it!

    I would love to do a post for you!


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