Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jay Z and Beyonce's Kid

Jimmy Fallon tweeted something a long the lines of Jay Z and Beyonce are having a baby. That kid will have everything, except a last name. Love Jimmy Fallon

And I found this this morning, here's what their boy might look like:
 Kinda creepy.

Not the kid, but the fact they can do this now.


  1. haha! love that Jimmy Fallon tweet!!

  2. JF is hilarious!!!! And so are these media freaks trying to guess what the babe will look like!!! Grrrr....mind yo buziness, I say! But with that said....cannot wait to see what the baby really does look like! ha....

  3. Hahaha! I heard something about this on the radio this morning (pictures of what Jay Z and Beyonce's kid might look like). So weird! I'm hoping it comes out looking just like it's mama. ha.

  4. I'm with you as it really seems odd to have it seem so real!


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