Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Okay Thursday

It's okay to have been planning a So What Wednesday post last night only to realize that last night was Wednesday.

It's okay to have almost facebooked your Uncle about his dad's memorial and to let him know how much you're thinking about him this morning only to realize that it's not Friday yet.

It's okay to be from the great Starbucks City and not care at all that Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on their menu.

It's okay to still have no idea what you'd like to do with your haircut tonight.

It's okay to be proud that you're one pound under pre-baby weight without any working out.

It's okay to imagine how much better I'll look once I do start working out again, but know it won't happen this month.

What are you saying It's okay to?


  1. Wow! 1 pound under pre-baby weight w/o working out? U GO GIRL

  2. Daaaaaamn, you're making me jealous and I've never even had a baby! Under your pre baby weight and with TWINS? Amazing. I wish I could lose weight without working out!

    I don't particularly care about pumpkin spice lattes either. But you know what I care even less about? MISSONI FOR TARGET. I'll be so relieved when all the hype around that is over!

  3. I'd be proud too, it's definitely okay to be proud about your baby weight!! : )

  4. 1 pound! holy fuck balls! congrats!

  5. I am also not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice lattes mainly because of the massive amount of calories in them!!!! seriously, its like dinner in a cup!

    and congrats on being one pound under. I hate you. I'm no where close.

  6. Okay...I seriously wanna know what you did with your hair. I am at a crossroads with mine. Go short? Stay long? IDK?


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