Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Rememberance: 10 Years Later

I will never ever forget where I was the morning of 9-11-01. It was to be my first year of college, but school had not started yet. I woke up with my alarm radio turning on. I heard something about a plane and New York and a building, I thought the radio channel had somehow been switched. In a sleepy haze, I tried re-tuning it and discovered it was in fact the right station. As the fog cleared, I put two and two together - something terrible had happened in New York. I, like so many others, was glued to the TV and the coverage. Nothing like this had ever happened in all my 18 years.

I was to work at Wet Seal, my retail job, that morning. When I got to the mall, the energy was melancholy. Many people were not even opening their stores. My boss called her boss who gave us permission to go home.

In the hours surrounding the attacks, I remember seeing people gathered on the four corners of a major intersection in our city. Instead of the usual signs denouncing our government, they were waving signs of support for our country. Quickly, one person on each of the four corners turned to four people, and then eight, and then swarms of people. For about a week, people from all walks of life, all economic classes, all experiences gathered together as one to show what pride we have in our country. People waved signs, cars honked, some people drove their cars through the intersections over and over with their own signs.

It seems like such a silly thing compared with all the at was happening in New York, but it was all we knew to do. It was one way for us to unite and come together as one. I remember quietly shedding tears of joy, feeling the positive energy we had created on those four corners. I'll never forget the way the whole country seemed to unite after the tragedy. For once, people were talking to others they had never spoken to, saying "Hello," to their neighbors, giving someone else a friendly smile.

We will always make sure that these two know about the terrible things that happened that day. We are so grateful for all those that have given their life as a result.

Where were you during the attacks?


  1. I was a freshman in college, heading to class when I heard about it. I skipped class and will always remember watching it and how the rest of my year changed. I love your blog by the way. Please visit when you get a chance.

  2. I know your probably not asking an Canadian, but I was 10 years old. School had just started the week before and that day was extreme sad. None of the kids seemed to be acting like kids; just walking around and talking a lot. I don't remember a lot about that day but I remember that I was in class and the teacher had told us what had happened to NY and the World Trade Centers. My mom came to pick us up early from day care and we went straight home; we watched the news for hours, trying to find out more information. My whole life changed from that year forward. Around this time, I always think of the innocent lives that were lost on 10/11.


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