Monday, September 26, 2011

Genius Google Reader Tip

Mama Says is taking a break this week because I have to post this genius tip I found on Oops I Craft My Pants last week.

Did you know you can install a next button on your bookmark bar and still give your fave blogs the page views everyone needs? Yes you can, here's how:

1) Go to your google reader home page and choose Reader Settings from the drop down menu

2)On the settings page, find where it says "Goodies" and click on it

3) Scroll down until you see this:
4) It's pretty self-explanatory, you drag the bookmark to your toolbar and your next button will be ready to use.
See, there's mine, right next to my Pinterest bookmark.

And when I click the button, my browser goes to the next unread item in my reader and still gives the blog the page view it deserves!


  1. LINDSAY!!! I am so grateful right now!!! I used to have a Next button when I used Safari and it made blog reading SO MUCH EASIER. I haven't been able to figure out how to get one with Google Chrome until now. YAY! I installed mine and I am so excited. Thank you!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You're babies are so cute!!!! Thank you so much for commenting on MTM over on Becky's blog! So far you're the only one. Happy Monday!

  3. Well look at you. You fix one thing for me....I mess it back up. Now I have yet another technical blimp to work through. But I appreciate you, I really do!!!

    Love, Meli

  4. this is awesome...i think i prob read my blogs the hard way by using the dashboard on my blogger page - I will def look into this!!! Thanks so much for sharing...hope you're having a great week:)


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