Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fly That Wouldn't Die

Last night there was this  beastly, gigantic fly buzzing around my bathroom. I was finally so agitated by its buzzing that I picked up my handy, electric spider killer and decided to have it out with this fly.

Within two swings I had this fly down. For good measure, I jolted it with electricity again which almost seemed to bring it back to life like a defibrillator. It jumped near the bathmat.

I picked up a piece of the mat and threw it over the fly then using the side of the spider killer, I smacked the bump the fly created under the mat. At that point I was sure it was dead.

Against my better judgment, I grabbed some toilet paper, quickly lifted the mat, swooped up the fly and threw the whole thing into the toilet. I've always had a fear that dead spiders tossed in the toilet will come back alive and bite my butt, but surely this fly was dead.

I heard all kinds of hissing as its charred body hit the toilet water, but still flushed for good measure. I went along with my business of blow drying my hair when a few minutes later, what did I hear? Loud, angry buzzing coming from the toilet bowl.

I kid you not.

Tentatively,  I lifted the seat and the damn fly was creeping around the toilet! This thing survived getting electrocuted and flushed! I should have taken a picture for proof, but in my haste of trying to get the stupid beast to go away I didn't think of it.

I flushed three more times, finally ridding myself of the creature.

I kept flashing back to a conversation Raven, Sabrina, Brittany and I had on twitter not long ago about spiders coming back alive in toilets and outhouses.



  1. LOL! This made me laugh! I have the same fear about spiders in the toilet too..even roaches! yuck!

  2. SCARY!!! At least it was a fly and not a deadly spider (or something terribly disgusting like a maggot or silverfish). I can't believe your fly was so resilient!

  3. um. so i went to go add you on my "daily blog read" this morning... was wondering why you hadn't been popping out on my blog reader... turns out i got booted off. i assume this is bloggers fault?! i hope! :)

    anyways, i want one of those nice inventions you got right there!

  4. what?? I did not even KNOW they made an electric spider killer?? are you kidding me??? Holy hell where have I been living?!

    I must add that to my birthday wish list.

    SHUT UP! IT STILL WASN'T DEAD?? omg that is like a devil fly. I bet you anything you will hear it buzzing around by your head tonight as you sleep.


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