Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY Subway Art

I have this in my house
It looks like poop against the brown wall
 It was supposed to be subway art-ish.
Major fail.

I'm going to redo it, I'm just debating about if I'm going to do it white with green letters or  what exactly (besides the design) that I don't like about it.

In the meantime, I found this tutorial on Pinterest and became a subway art making fool. I started out making one with the exact quote she used for B's cubicle at work because he loves How I Met Your Mother, and I made it in his beloved crimson. I put it up as a surprise.

And he didn't even notice. There's too much other WSU stuff up already that it blends in.

Then I moved on to making one with the Whole Heart quote in the actual colors I wanted (to match our couch) which I can't find in paint. It's okay, but at 8x10 it's too small and I like the look of it being on wood so I'm still going to try and redo the other one.

And because I get excited when I learn something new and get carried away, I made one for my sister using her favorite quote: "When someone makes a decision he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he never dreamed of."

Let me tell you, that is way to long for an 8x10. It took me forever because I finally got the spacing right, I didn't account for the matting on the frame. So I had to re-space it all over again.

Then I couldn't find the perfect frame for it.
There's one!
What? You don't have silly photoshopped pictures of your loved ones in your house? It's actually not there anymore, I just had it up to terrorize tease B.
This one works, and it's already matted.
The finished product
It's okay, but again, if you're using a long quote, you should probably have it professionally printed onto a bigger size. I kind of love it though. I love that my sister will have a piece of something I made in her house.

Now I want to make 736247635764 more of them. I can see myself getting carried away and covering our walls.


  1. Now I want one!!!!! Tell me how to make them my darling internet and computer science teacher!!! Really very cute...

  2. I want one!!! They are so cute :)

    Love the blog xo.


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