Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Food Making Machine

Last night I became a roasting, baking, steaming, chopping, pureeing aficionado. For $15 I got all this
Plus one butternut squash,I forgot to take pics before I roasted the squash
and turned it into all this

Notice I also forgot to steam one pear. Oh, well, we'll have it for next week.
Usually, $15 gets me this
 I was so proud of myself, that I posted on facebook that I'm a Baby Making Machine

Baby FOOD making machine.


  1. Hahahhaha I bet that got some good responses on facebook!! Hahaha!!!!

    I love the idea of making baby food! Good job!

  2. i make all of my baby food too! love it!

  3. haha!!! love it!!
    i really should attempt to make some baby food myself! i've started stocking up on food for cullen but i should probably just be making it myself, i am at home during the day. question, how many meals is that? and how many little cubes of food do the babes eat per meal?

  4. Good work mama, even if you did use the baby bullet lol ;)

  5. Good for you lady!!!! Wow...I am so impressed. And you kind ARE a baby making machine too....but yeah - adding the FOOD in there is a safer call. Ha! I almost texted you this a.m. at like 7 am, my time. That would have been like 5 am your time, right? I am so so glad I gave that a second thought!!! Anyway - Halloween thought: Pig Farmer. And they could be your two lil piggies!!!!!! How cute would that be????? Anyway - happy weekend and good luck with the costume planning.


    p.s. WHY am I back to anono status???? UGH!!!!! And grrrr.....

  6. haha! you ARE a baby food making machine! thats for sure

  7. You're such a great mother!!!! :)

  8. you. are. supermom. seriously, LOVE this. I gave my first babe all that canned baby food CRAP for most his first year. Then I got smart and for the second baby? he has never not even ONCE tasted canned baby food. I homemade it all.

    so you are awesome :)


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