Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8 Months

The Bambinos turned 8 months on Saturday. Where has the time gone!?!

They're closer to a year old than a newborn. I'm having the most troublesome time coming up with a theme. I like some, but I'm just not sure. I can't throw just any party, it has to be an original one that hasn't really been done before....much like my Halloween costumes. 

Speaking of Halloween costumes, anyone got any good ideas? I need to incorporate the Bambinos and I must win our costume contest this year - I've been 2nd two years in a row!


  1. My word!!!! They get cuter each time I see them. Halloween?!? How bout you be the milk, and they are your cookies!?! hahahaha....that'd be too funny. If BF wants to join...he could be....the baker!!! LOL!!!! I'll start thinking of the big bday partay!!!

  2. Lindsay, I can hardly stand how cute E&E are. They are so precious they make my heart hurt!!! I'll be thinking about family costumes for you. Last year I dressed the boys I babysit up as a chicken and an egg, and that was pretty hilarious. :) You could dress 'em up as the Situation and DJ Pauly D? hahaha! I'll keep thinking and get back to you if I come up with anything genius. :) In any case, they're gonna be PRECIOUS and I cannot wait to see pictures!!

  3. its not the most origianl idea but since you've got two little peas there,,, why not be two peas in a pod?

    or or peanut butter and jelly between two slices of bread (you and your hunny)

    ha ha.... im a goob.

  4. they are just TOOOOO cute!!! :) i can not believe they are 8 months already!! they have the cutest, sweetest lil faces! i hope all is wonderful momma!!

  5. they are so cute. we arent doing a theme just a color scheme for peytons party. i think shes going to be a skunk for halloween too haha

  6. omg put these away.. my heart is melting right now!!!! i love them!


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