Friday, August 19, 2011

True Life: Am I A Mommy Blogger?

I still don't consider myself a mommy blogger. I'm a mommy, and I'm a blogger but I don't feel like a mommy blogger. When I think of Mommy Bloggers, I think of women (or men) who write fantastic posts all about their children and the fun things they do with them. These women (or men) are open, honest and carefree. I feel like they usually have an etsy shop (or some other neat-o job), take amazing photos and dress their children up like little J Crew models.

I'm not there yet. 
I shared the news of my pregnancy with my readers before most people at work. I told you about the weird gender dreams I was having (I was right!) I shared the ups and downs of my pregnancy, I gave a few pregnancy updates, even when I felt big and huge (which was very early on in the pregnancy!)  I shared with you the pictures of the Bambinos before I put any on facebook, or told our co-workers about them. (Said co-workers facebook-stalked all day knowing I was having a c-section.) I've shared with you the monthly pictures (except their 7th - oops! I still need to take those.) I share the ridiculous photos I take of the boys on holidays. I have a series of guest posts centered around Mamas, and oh yeah, I write a whole other blog completely dedicated to my bambinos.

Does that make me a mommy blogger? I may be a bit scared of the internet and putting my children's faces all over it. Our story may be a little different than most people (backwards is the new forwards) but I wouldn't change a thing in my life, my blog, my readers, anything. 
If that makes me a mommy blogger, I'll wear the badge proudly and accept me for what I am: an undomestic girl, trying to make her way in the world raising twins with her boyfriend while making sure she's the best possible version of herself.

And I'm working on the modeling part.


  1. Oh my word!!!! {I think I say that too often...} This post is absolutely OVERFLOWING with cuteness......I need a break! Love it.

    Love, Meli

  2. You have the most adorable twin boys! I am glad you left me a comment because I love your blog! Def going to follow!

  3. hahaha love this! you consider ME a mommy blogger? Because I definitely DON'T have an etsy shop (craftiness is foreign to me) and I'm pretty sure that my "fantastic posts of all the fun things I do with my kids" sound like stories straight from the pits of hell. haha!!

    oh, and who are you kidding? Your boys are totally jcrew models! :)

  4. Haha- love your post- especially the part bout the J crew models. It does seem like so many of the mommy bloggers have "perfect families" doesn't it? :) Your twins are adorable! I look forward to reading more of your non-mommy blogging. ;)

  5. I know what you mean....and I would consider the same about myself. I feel like I'm not all crafty and domestic enough to be a true mommy blogger haha!

    Nonetheless, whatever kind of blogger you are, I enjoy reading! Keep it up :)

  6. Found you BECAUSE you're a mommy blogger. And please, continue to be one because those men are ADORABLE!

    New follower from Jet's Journey! Come check me out!

  7. I like how you're not the normal mommy blogger...much more interesting than normal! =) Your boys are gorgeous!

  8. lady! you are a doll!! and i just love your lil bambinos!! they are ADORABLE!!! :)

  9. Stopping by from the link-up...

    They're sooooo cute!!!

  10. I wonder lately if I'm a mommy blogger now too! I think I probably am, even though I don't do any of the fabulous things you mentioned that you think MB's do. My place is just awfully baby-centric lately. Oh well, that's my life these days!

    Oh and have I mentioned that I just want to eat your boys up?? They are waaay too cute!

  11. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


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