Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target Tuesday: Whole New Outfit

It's Target Tuesday with Fabulous but Evil!

I'm loving some of the stuff Target has right now (don't I always?) This is what I got recently:
 I actually started this post at 6am and couldn't find the dress on Target's website. Then, I had to do this thing called work and am just now finishing the post, so you'll have to settle for a picture of me! Ugh. Please ignore the wonderful salmon/white wall behind me. Boyfriend's house is in a constant state of projects.

I'm kind of in love with this dress and I can't wait to wear it with tights and these shoes, (but in black):
 You know what's (not) funny? I could wear the outfit tomorrow and not look out of place. Our high was supposed to be only 68 today. I'm so over this crappy weather.


  1. LOVE that t-shirt dress! I wish it was at my Target!

  2. seriously love that dress!! its super cute!

  3. loving the new look of the blog girlie! And love that dress! Like I may go to target tomorrow and try to snatch it up!

    and the shoes too, but in my experience the shoes at Target KILL my feet. Does that happen to you?


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  5. Wow, those shoes are from Target?! I think I need to make a Target run asap! Great choices!

  6. Super cute! I feel like I could even wear that being pregnant!
    I must go try it on now! :)

    PS- quit complaining about your 68* weather.. it was 104 here yesterday!!!

  7. I am so over this crappy HOT weather too. I laugh when you complain about 68....I hope you don't laugh at me when I say 113!!!!!! Or 107. That would just be cruel. Ha! ;-) Annnd. And. And. And. And! I have that dress!!! In the navy color. We could be twinsies. Love it...

  8. I totally meant to tell you that I loved this dress on Tuesday but I was sidetracked..probably by all the work we had to do haha. Seriously cute though. And from Target?! Good deal! I think I need to start looking there for clothes too!

  9. Those would be SOOO cute and fun with that dress!


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