Monday, August 22, 2011

Mama Says: Our Little Family

It's another Mama Says Monday! Today I'm featuring one of my faves: Annie from Our Little Family. She has the most adorable little, blonde babes. We were pregnant at the same time so it was a lot of fun reading her blog knowing exactly how she felt.... Anyway, here's Annie!

 Hey Lindsay’s readers!!  I am so excited to be featured today :)

My name is Annie.  I am a working mama of two.  My hubby and I have a son, Blake William, who is 2 and a half and we have a daughter, Olivia Kay, who is 8 months old!  My family seriously makes my world complete!  I just love them SO much.  It is crazy how your life changes so fast after having babies...but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

I work out of the home full-time, so one of my biggest challenges is balancing everything.  I am still trying to figure out everything that it takes to be a mama, wife, career woman, friend, housekeeper, chef, etc.!  Honestly, some days I feel that there are just not enough hours in the day to do it all!  (and that is probably the reason that some days my home is a disaster and there is not a hot meal on the table at 5 o’clock!!....housekeeper and chef are at the bottom of my “list” :)).

I struggle with the fact that I work 40+ hours a week and feel guilt for leaving my babies.  Sometimes I feel like I would rather be a SAHM….but then I think long and hard about it….and I honestly don’t know if I could do it!  I give all of you SAHM’s some mad props!  I actually LIKE my job.  I am the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at a state University here in Michigan.  It makes me feel accomplished and successful.  I like adult conversation and planning events.  Plus, I worked long and hard on obtaining my bachelors and Masters degrees…and really feel like I should put them to good use!!

Luckily I have a VERY strong support system.  My husband is the most hands on dad EVER.  He never hesitates to do ANYTHING when it comes to his babies.  I also have my mom.  She retired when I got pregnant with Blake.  She watches the babies part time.  They attend a day care facility part time as well… we are SO lucky to have the best day care ever!  It is so structured.  The kids “teachers” are amazing.  I just know that they are benefiting from being there and learning so much.

For ME (and this is just ME…) I think that being a working mama makes me a better mama.  I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see their sweet faces at 5:00.  I rush home and spend the rest of my time just snuggling with them.  Being away from them during the day makes me appreciate every moment that I have with them!!

SO….although I do not have the balancing act all figured out (and probably never will) I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world.  I guess I like my life a little hectic and a little crazy….because, that’s just how we roll :)!!

 See? Adorable! She's not the only one who struggles with being a working mom. I like it but hate it at the same time. Next Monday, we have a very special post, check back and see who it is...

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