Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Family Vacation (Minus Boyfriend)

 For once, I'm not saying, "Woo hoo it's Thursday!" Why? Because I've been in Chelan since Tuesday and we're leaving today. It's okay though, my vacation isn't over yet, we're heading to Eastern Washington to visit my family. But I will miss looking out our balcony onto the lake.

Yesterday we tried actually going to the lake but the grass was too wet and there were a ton of gnats, so instead I decided to take the bambinos to the pool.
This was the extent of our lake adventure. We got all set up, then decided the pool was a better option.

The pool was much better, except apparently there was a guy lurking that had been taking pics of people in the pool. Another mama of a small baby boy heard about it, walked right up to the guy and said, "Hey pervert, get outta here!" he left, thank goodness!

I wish we had just one more day here, but I'd like to take a family vacation every summer so maybe next year!


  1. SUPER cute pics. Damn momma....looking smoking hot in that guuuurrrllll!!!!!!

  2. cute?! You and sis are "twins" too with the matching swimmies. Presh....

  3. hahahaha go mama! i'm glad she got that freak out of there for yall. once again you and your babies are so gorgeous and love the view of the lake, looks beautiful. xo

  4. holy smokes!!! look at you looking all hott in your bikini!! hott mama!!

  5. That looks like so much fun right now!! YAY! I bet you have better weather that way then what we have here...:( I love Eastern WA heat!!

  6. The boys are adorable as usual...and you are looking hot in that bikini girl!!


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