Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Family Vacation - Chelan Day One

Mama needed a vacation! Last Tuesday, I took four days off work, packed up the Bambinos and Auntie Nee Nee and headed to Chelan. After being sure I packed everything, we got To Chelan and realized I forgot hats for the boys and beach towels too. We kind of forgot that we're privileged to live in a bigger city so Chelan's little Safeway didn't have what we needed. I asked our checker and he sent us on our way to Wal Mart.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate WalMart? It's started out because of the way the used to treat their employees, but now it's just 'cause the WalMart close to us is run-down and ghetto. I ended up trying to hunt down smaller life vests (the ones I brought with were for babies 20+ pounds, the boys....are not.)
This one didn't work, but I did end up with some awesome little ones that were still too big but better than nothing....and some cute pictures.
I know these are watermarked for my other blog...I'm lazy super busy today
I didn't buy these hats but they were pretty cute! Too bad the Bambinos have no idea who Sponge Bob is. After a successful shopping trip, we headed to the hotel to enjoy our Safeway Chinese food :)


  1. I basically squeal whenever I see pics of E and E. They have the cutest little faces--I can hardly stand it! I wish we lived near each other so I could come visit them . . . so darling! I want to see more pics; will head over to your other blog to hunt for them there. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Soooooo freaking precious!


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