Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrity Encounters

Hi friends! TGIF! Life has been getting in the way of blogging, but at least it's been fun! What have I been up to?

On Monday I met Nicole Scherzinger (of Pussycat Dolls fame.) She's in Seattle for the X Factor auditions so she stopped by the station. She's super nice, but seemed kind of out of it - maybe she was super tired?

On Tuesday I saw the above photo and noticed how pale I am. So Is tarted swimming in this stuff
and decided never to wear that dress again. It's not flattering at all and makes me look wider. Oh, and I decided to stand up straight, my posture has become horrible.

Wednesday, I worked the Britney Spears concert.

I didn't expect to actually watch the concert, but when one front row ticket became available, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. The babies were at home asleep anyway, so I headed in for a bit.

 Nicki Minaj killed it! For not being on the scene for a longtime, she's a great entertainer.
And then  I got in trouble for using my camera inside (I didn't realize everyone else was using camera phones -I swear!) so all I have is phone pics of Britney

Britney definitely lip syncs,but I knew that going in. She's a good entertainer and it was an enjoyable show. I left after she did Slave 4 U, but I guess she only did 2 or 3 songs after that. I heard she had a montage featuring Nicki Minaj during a remix of Til the World Ends, but Nicki didn't come out and rap. I wonder why? I wish that someone would have been able to come in with me 'cause it is a little odd watching shows by myself. But it was a fun experience, I've never sat front row before.


  1. That's an awesome opportunity! I would've loved to see Brit Brit!

  2. How fun! I'd love to see Britney in concert!

  3. are having too much freaking fun!!! So know I would have been there for you....if I could have been. Happy 4th....

    Love, Meli

  4. That is sooooooooo freaking awesome! Slave 4 U was my song in college!


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