Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Fun Day 4th of July

This weekend was one of the most fun I've had in awhile. We were super busy which doesn't really constitute fun to me anymore, but this one was fun.
 Friday night, Boyfriend and I went to a Mariners Game. We were way up in the nosebleeds, but the tickets were free because of this promotion Starbucks did recently: they gave away free tickets for two hours one day. One of B's show hosts and her husband split up and went to a bunch of different locations so they got a bunch of tickets. They invited all four of us but we decided to leave the Bambinos with my step-mom since the game started at 7 and that's right around bedtime. The seats may have been waaaay up there, but it was fine because we didn't really watch the game anyway - we mostly chit chatted with our group. The running joke was what great season tickets they were. It was 80's night so even though we didn't dress up, it was still fun. Jay Buhner was there in white, Miami Vice, glory.
 Even though Seattle's weather isn't the greatest, I love my city. We have an amazing view from our stadium. The only thing you can't see in this pic is the mountains and the waterfront, but you can in real life.

Saturday we went to the zoo
This was the crazy-long line just to get into the zoo. Fortunately, someone passed us in the parking lot and gave us their passes so we got to bypass the line and go straight in - for free. Good karma from Wednesday? I'd like to think so.
The bambinos slept through most of the trip but we managed to get a family picture in front of the lions. I took a ton of pictures but most of them look like I photoshopped us into a background like these ones:
 Usually, my favorite part is the primates, but a lot of the different types of monkeys were hiding, one one of the gorillas was eating poo. It was really nasty. I enjoyed the elephants and stuff much more this time.
 It's funny 'cause people kept looking at the boys, mentioning how stylish they were with their sunglasses, but I was just trying to protect their eyes.
And this post is long enough already, I'll post on the rest of the weekend tomorrow.


  1. Thanks! I miss home now! :( Miss you.

  2. I have always wanted to visit Seattle. Always. I have a friend from there and he is going back for the Hemp Fest, or something like that, in August. Fun times!!! Ha....anyway - I am loving your comment on the "great season tickets." Too long as you have fun, it really doesn't matter where you are. I like that stance. The bambinos are precious...was this their 1st zoo visit?

    Love, Meli

  3. Too funny, we went to Woodland Park Zoo on Sunday right around 10 and there was no line, in fact it wasn't even very busy. I think the forecast for rain and then we got no rain worked in our favor! I haven't made it to a M's game this year yet, but I'm craving their garlic fries! Looks like a good weekend!


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