Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Friday! Did this week go super slow to anyone else? I even left work two hours early on Wednesday for the Bambinos' 6month check up. I'm excited for my weekend, it involves a little of this

and this with some friends
 and a little of this on Sunday
I'm getting tatted! I'll share more next week....and I'm sure I'll be tweeting about it too.

Kind of off topic but how crazy is this?!? I googled tattoo for the above picture and this is the first that popped up.
Is it even possible to tattoo a tongue?


  1. Ooh fun! Sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead of you! Will this be your first tat? I wanna see pictures :)

  2. That sounds like a good weekend. What tattoo are you getting?

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! I think I need to get on twitter just so I can see what is up with that tat. so held out on me!!!!!! Have a good weekend....I'll be over here dying to know...

    Love, meli

  4. Massage, grilling, and tats! Sounds pretty stellar to me. And surely it's not possible to get tatted on your tongue . . . that is freakish!

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