Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you follow me on Twitter, this is old news, but I got another tattoo on Sunday. It's so different than the one I wanted a year ago, good thing I didn't go with that one!
Virgin skin
 My sister has been wanting a tattoo for a while and finally decided on getting Faith, in Cherokee. I ended up getting Family in Cherokee. (Would you have guessed we're Cherokee?)
Our artist, Michael Bergfalk, was guesting from Love and Hate Tattoo in Phoenix, and did an excellent job at talking and distracting us from the pain. For the most part, it was annoyance more than pain but in a few spots near the top and bottom of the "letters." 

It turned out perfect, every time I look at my wrist, I'll think about my family. And like my sister said after I misplaced my ring last week, "You can't lose a tattoo."


  1. AGGGHHHHHH!!!! You did NOT lose your ring!?! Noooo....awww...I am sorry. That stinks. But I am digging the tat. Go girls.

    Love, Meli

  2. I love that. I wish I had a cool, other language thing, to tat on myself. Super choice!

  3. special that ya'll got them done together!! Hope you're having a great week:)

  4. Tat, tat, tatted up! Nice! I've been debating whether to get a second one, one the hubs and I will have together. I like where you put this one.

  5. love love love the tattoo!! seriously it is amazing...and that's so awesome that you got to share that with your sister!

  6. I love when a tattoo actually means something personal rather than just looking get double points! I thought that area would have been super sensitive to have done...or you're just super tough??

  7. I LOVE WRIST TATTOOS! :) I think it's perfect!

  8. It looks wonderful! And so meaningful that it connects to your family & your heritage. Your sis is right; you can't ever lose it!

  9. hi i just found your blog and i love it!!! awesome tattoo by the way.

  10. i love that!
    I wanted to get something in hindu
    but now with kennedy i second guess all the tattoos I was wanting
    I have one of my pelvic bone but that wont be showing.
    I really wanted a peacock feather eye on either my wrist or shoulder blade; to signify our wedding. without getting a name anywhere
    & her foot on foot.

    but cant bring myself to anymore!

  11. I love your tattoo. I think tattoos are beautiful. You should put up pics of your other ones!


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