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Mama Says Monday: Melifaif

It's another Mama Says! Have you met this mama, yet? She's, without a doubt my most loyal commenter and such a beautiful lady inside and out. I'm honored to feature her as my first guest-poster ever.

It's Melifaif!

See what I mean? She's gorgeous. I'd hate her if she wasn't so stinkin' nice.  

AND she has the most adorable little girl ever. If my boys were older, and we leaved near Texas, I would totally be trying to set up an arranged marriage. Anyway, here's what Meli has to say....

About my family.  It's just the three of us, living in Cypress, Texas, just outside of the huge city of Houston.  Myself and Richard both grew up in San Antonio, Texas and met in high school and fell in love.  I am talking vintage love here.  Well almost!  Back in 1995 our love affair began....while we both went seperate directions for college, our hearts stayed connected.  After college we decided to move to Houston, Texas and be together!   So this romance has been full steam ahead ever since.  In 2006, we found out God blessed us with a little miracle growing inside of me...we were blown away, excited and scared at the same time.  But knew this was the right time for us.  Layla joined our happy abode in August 2007 and talking about full.steam.ahead???  HELLO!!!  She rocked our world to the core.  In the very best way possible!!!  Our lives are forever changed by this bubbly, vivacious, curious and beautiful red headed little girl.  She is our world. 
What has been the biggest surprise of parenthood?
NO doubt, the biggest surprise of parenthood has been the transformation of my words, my beliefs into those of my mom!!!! you know how many times I heard, "Life's not fair!" growing up?  Do you know how many times I have said those exact same words to Layla?  Yep...mirror mirror on the wall...I AM my mother afterall!!!  I would have NEVER expected that.  The life lessons that your parents tell you growing up...if you are lucky enough to have loving, caring parents...will stick with you.  And they are actually true too.  Who would have known????  Not I. 
What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is just trying to get everything "taken care of."  Be it the laundry, or making her lunch for school, or getting her to gymnastics on time...and me to work on is all a challenge.  But a challenge I am totally up for!  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I think my biggest challenges are yet to come.  You should have seen what I did to my parents when I was 15!!!!  Let's just say.....I'm scared.  Big.time.
But, other than biggest ACCOMPLISHMENT is figuring out the key to her locks!!!  Her locks of love...I love those ringlets, but we still have our moments!

What's your most memorable moment?
Gosh!  This is a hard one to answer.  So many of her moments are grand and special to me.  That is why I am such a huge photography lover.  You can almost forget how awesome a simple day at the park was....until you see the photo again.  That face and smile, or giggle.  But, to date....I'll never forget seeing her bright red hair the day she was born.  We were are so shocked...and in love.
When did you feel like a parenting failure?
There were a couple times over her last almost 4 years of life...that I felt like I failed.  But it was a bump in the road compared to how I felt when she had a "mishap" in the swimming pool this summer.  I did a post about it here.  Yeah, I pretty much sucked for my lack of attention....but it has changed me for the better.  And I like to believe I am a better parent now because of it.
 When did you feel like a parenting rock star?
Layla can make me feel like a rock star when she says, "Mommy?"  And I say, "Yes?"  And she says, "I love you, you are the best mommy!!!"  Yep, total rock star mode!!!!!!

What's the worst parenting advice you've been given?
The worst parenting advice I received was that I totally MUST have a baby wipe warmer.  And a diaper genie.  Um, no.  No I didn't.  As soon as that wipe hits the open air, it gets chilly again.  Waste.Of.Money.  {in my opinion.}  And the diaper pail, no again.  Get the sh*t and take it outside in the trash can.  End.of.story!!!!  Try emptying a daiper pail after a week.  Or even a few could pass out!  And then WHO is gonna be able to watch the baby then???

What's the best parenting advice you've been given?
The best parenting advice I received was from my girlfriend who had just recently given birth.  She told me about the baby blues.  I had never heard of it before, nor had she...but she got it bad!!!!!  And what do you know?!?  I had it too.  Look it up and read about it.  It is quite normal for many new moms.  I was so happy she told me because when it started happening...I knew!  And didn't have as hard of a time dealing with it, working through it as she BABY BLUES exist.  It's okay.  And this too shall pass.
 How has your life changed the most since becoming a mom?
Well, that is pretty simple to answer.  "My" life doesn't exist in the way it did before.  Now, it is "our" life.  So, yes....SHE changed MY world in every sense of the word.  The way I view the world.  The way I view people.  The way I view loud music past midnight....all of my views are different now than they were say....four years ago!?!
 How has your relationship with your partner changed?
Again, in every sense of the word.  It has been a challenge to keep "us" intact.  I won't lie.  The first six months I though...."no way!  We won't make it through this..."  {the first six months were very hard on momma bear}  But here we are.  Still.  Remember 1995?  Well, since our 2 became 3 we have learned to pick our battles.  We are different.  We are individuals.  We each have our opinions on which is the best method to raise our child.  So we try and meet in the middle a lot.  But if we still don't agree....momma wins!!!  ;-) 
And the one "thing" that can put me in a state of pure bliss....would be her kiss!  I attached two pics that prove that.....

See what I mean? Everyone's story is different, what one person finds valuable, another doesn't (I love my Diaper Genie!) My hope is that we'll have fun learning from other bloggers and hearing their stories. Thanks Meli, for being my first guest post! If you'd like, here's a button to proudly display on your blog! (It links directly to your post.)

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I hope you all will stop by next Monday for Mama Says with Raven from A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers.

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  1. love your Diaper Genie?!?! You do!!!????!!!! Too funny. I love that. And I am such a dork reading this back...I just have to laugh at myself. Thanks for the higlight love.

    Love, Meli

  2. fun post to read!! And I love all the pictures!! Meli has the cutest family, her daughter is adorable!

  3. Of course girl! I'm glad you could be the first guester. I don't love that we change the diaper genie every two days, but I love that we don't have to walk out into the rain a million times a day to throw diapers away in our big garbage can.

  4. Right? She's so stinkin' cute, she gets it from her Mama. Hey Annie, wanna guest post for me?

  5. hahahaha- a baby wipe warmer? I'm cracking up at "mirror mirror on the wall... I am my mother after all." that is a great quote :)
    beautiful family!

  6. Adorable post!! Such a cute little family.

    I would love to be featured sometime if you are ever looking for someone :)


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