Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do You Have A Good Red Velvet Recipe?

On Twitter, I mentioned how a I ruined a baby shower surprise. Our Program Director's wife is having a baby tomorrow, so one of our jocks thought it would be nice to have a surprise baby shower for him this afternoon. I tried to be nice and make a meeting request for it so everyone could accept or decline and the jock would know how much food she needed. I noticed she was missing a bunch of people in her original email so I invited Promotions, Sales and Programming. I didn't think about how our PD was on the list for Programming. Oops! I cancelled it right away, but I'm 99% sure he saw it.

I offered to make cupcakes for the shower. I thought making mini cupcakes would be perfect and why not try Red Velvet? I used this recipe. I have to admit, I'm not on the red velvet train like everyone else seems to be. I mean, I like it, but the best part is the cream cheese frosting.

The recipe was...eh. It wasn't dry or anything like one review said, but my sister admitted it didn't really taste like red velvet. It had kind of a hint of chocolate (from the cocoa powder) and the icing wasn't super cream cheesey.....and piping cupcakes isn't as easy as it looks.
The cupcake on the left is probably the best I got piped....it's not that easy! 
Do you have a good red velvet recipe? I'll have another chance to make them because, (here's the kicker,) today the jock decided to postpone the shower until after the baby is born! It'll work out better for everyone else and I won't ruin the surprise next time. Plus, I'm not in love with this recipe anyway so it will give me a chance to try a different one :)


  1. surprise ruined or not, im sure your PM will be super appreciative! i loooove red velvet cupcakes but have yet to try baking them myself. i found a cool recipe that uses beets to achieve the red color and add sweetness tho.

  2. Woah! I never thought about beets, this one uses red dye.

  3. You know, I've never really been a fan of red velvet- I'm more of a sugary frosting and vanilla or gingerbread cake type of gal! But I have heard that if you DO end up using beets for the coloring, it adds moisture too! So a recipe using beets might help with the texture too? If it were me I'd probably just use a box hahaha.

  4. The texture isn't bad. They're not dry, even though one review said they were. Moisture wasn't the issue at all, I'm just not in love with the recipe.

  5. I don't dig red velvet that tastes chocolatey. Nope. I say buy the red box that says Duncan Hines Red Velvet on it....SO good! Then get ta piping....ha!!!!!! Good luck.

    'Love, Meli

  6. You know what the worst part is? After I made the cupcakes, I realized I HAVE a box of the red velvet mix at home already!


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