Friday, July 8, 2011

Carmelitas - My Way

I mentioned yesterday that after we left the bbq on Sunday, I was inspired to make my own carmelitas. I'd never even had them before and had no idea what I would need, but after finding this recipe, on my phone, I thought, "Hey I could make those" and we had almost everything at home.

The only ingredient we didn't have? Caramel. Uh....that's kind of an important ingredient. What's a girl to do? 

Starting the crust - after reading the recipe for this post,I realized I forgot baking soda. Woops.
I improvised. We had chocolate chips and peanut butter chips in the freezer so I decided to sub peanut butter for caramel.
The crust, you're supposed to set about 3c aside, but that was too much.
Trying to melt the peanut butter chips was not easy. I put them in a pan on very low heat, like the package suggested, I could smell them burning. They weren't melting so I put them in the microwave. They melted a bit, but not much (maybe because they were frozen?) When I pulled them out of the microwave, I dropped the bowl and it shattered everywhere! It wasn't even hot. Luckily, the peanut butter wasn't melted.

Chocolate chips on top of the partially cooked crust. 
Horrible pic, but I ended up using regular peanut butter. I should have saved myself the hassle in the first place.
The finished product. I would say there's too much crust, so don't set aside a full three cups. But they were delicious carmelitas peanut butter-itas all the same. I'll definitely be making them again. They're the perfect dessert without being too sweet.


  1. YUMMMM! Peanut butter sounds just as delish as caramel. I made caramel once and it was HARD! I'm impressed with your dessert-making skills. :)

  2. Wow. Look at you and your amazing improvising!!!! I am muy impressed.

    Love, meli


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