Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Fathers Day

What a weekend! Our involved a quick trip to Eastern Washington and, of course, Fathers Day.
I made decorations

I know it looks like a Kindergartener made this, I never said I was good at crafts!
The Bambinos got moustaches
I bought Boyfriend a fairly substantial present when I was on maternity leave, but I still wanted to get him something to open on Fathers Day. Last Thursday, Groupon had this thing for a golf swing analysis - perfect- Boyfriend loves golf. I bought it and put it in the bag with my pump thinking he'd never look in there.

An few hours later he was getting the little cooler of milk from me to bring home when he said, "Oh what's this?" and grabbed the Groupon out of the bag. "No, no NO!" I tried to stop him and snatched it away from him when he replied, "You can't expect me to just leave it alone when I see the word 'golf' sticking out of your bag. You could have just said it was for your Dad, he likes golf too." .....I'm such a bad liar.

Nevertheless, he didn't fully read the Groupon so he was a bit surprised on Fathers Day even though he knew he was getting something Golf related. Moral of the story: nothing's safe, not even in your breastpump bag.


  1. Hahahaha...funny story! He's a good poppa.

    Love, meli

  2. Your boys are fricking adorable!!!! Just gorgeous! My hubby is a golf fanatic....and actually had the nerve to tell me to get some golf items, which ones all the way down to the color. I surprised him by getting him Sperrys instead, but he really liked them. Hey, he golfs all the time and will get them himself anyway.

  3. aw!! you are the best momma ever!! :) i love the decorations and the boys mustaches, WAY TOO CUTE!!! adorable pics! i'm sure your man appreciated it all!

  4. OMG I love it! What a perfect first fathers day!


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