Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday!

So what if I've only done The Shred twice but I already look for subtle differences in my body.
So what if I'm trying to eat healthy but consider banana chips & Nutella a healthy snack.
So what if part of the reason I love So What Wednesday is because I don't have to bother with pictures.
So what if I wish I knew Photoshop better so I could Photoshop all the pics that go on my blog 
- especially the ones of me.
So what if I'm determined to get breast implants before I get married. Nursing twins is wrecking mine!

What do you say So What to? 
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  1. I think Nutella is least hubby claims so all the time when he is scooping it out by the spoonful!

  2. Hahahaha...this one really made me LOL. I just heart you. 100%

    Love, Meli

    p.s. What is UP with blogger comments.....FOR REAL!?!

  3. love this post!! I totally wish I knew how to photoshop pics...I would make myself look smoking hott!! ha

  4. I love your "so whats" I have to admit to thinking the same about most of them! I just started the shred too! I hope I can make it through the whole 30 days, good luck to you too!!


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