Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: 21st Birthday

My little sister is 21!
I absolutely can't believe it;
I remember the day she was born.

How weird my parents must feel that their baby is already 21.
I mean, I feel weird that my babies are already 4 months old.

We celebrated my little sister by going out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory
She got presents
How cute is she?! She'll probably kill me for putting this up, but I think she's adorable.

I don't think I've ever shared this but my sister is one of my favorite people in the world. 
We're both stubborn (she more than I) so when we fight, we fight bad.
Luckily, it doesn't happen often.
She also happens to have the best sense of humor.
Mostly, we just laugh and laugh together.
I'm so incredibly lucky that she can stay with the Bambinos while I'm at work.

My Dad couldn't just leave the Bambinos in their carseats
so he and my step mom took turns holding them
Peanut flirted 'cause that's what my little Peanut does.
I just realized how much my Dad looks like his Dad, my Papa, in this picture.
I get my cheeks from my Dad and Peanut gets them for me so.... I guess Peanut looks like my Papa?

My little Lovebug is usually a little more discriminating with his smiles, but eventually he flashed one.

I'm so glad we were able to get together and celebrate my sister's birthday - especially with cheesecake!

(Btw, I got the white chocolate raspberry truffle and it was uh-mazing!)


  1. They are getting so big and even cuter! They look JUST like their dad!

  2. Lovebug and Peanut. I love the nicknames. They truly are precious lil men.

    p.s. I ALMOST freaked when I saw your tile post...I was like, "She IS NOT only she????!!!!" Bwahahahaha

  3. Cheesecake factory is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday!

  4. Awww presh! I hope your sister had a great birthday!

  5. Your sister is adorable and your babies are just precious!! Glad you had fun celebrating your sister's b-day! XOXO ~Liz


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