Thursday, May 12, 2011


How cool is this?!
 And it converts your records to an mp3 format!

I remember plenty of days dancing around our apartment to Elvis or Buddy Holly when I was little
with my mom warning me, "Don't jump too much, the record will skip."
But I couldn't help it.
Dancing's in my blood
In fact, my parents met when my dad was teaching disco classes!


  1. Whoa, that is super cool! I should dig through my mum's old boxes of records...

  2. Okay, wow. That is one bad ass piece of technology right thur. Word!!!! I remember my first album. White Snake. Or, wait?! It could have been Salt N Peppa!!! Hahahaha...I was diverse, even then. I heart you girl. And your disco dancing poppa. That is the ish!!!! ;-)

  3. Makes me want to dig through our boxes in the basement to find my old records...even if they are from my childhood and all Disney recordings!


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