Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday!

So what if I became  prefered member at Lovers last week just so I could get what I needed half off.
I had to get something for an event at work the next day and the gift card my boss gave me wouldn't have covered it otherwise. 

So what if I was completely freaked out by the hot pink peens surrounding me in the store
They we're like 10inches!

So what if I'm still making fun of my co-worker because he thought a pocket rocket was an insect.

So what if I drug Boyfriend to Whole Foods last night just so we could buy brown rice, avocados and peas.
I want the Bambino's first baby food to be as healthy as possible.

So what if Boyfriend snuck a toffee bar into the cart and I've almost eaten the whole thing.

So what if I washed and dried all the parts of my Baby Bullet even though I don't plan on using it until this weekend.
I'm super excited to use it.

Don't forget about the Book Swap!
I really hope you join us!


  1. lol to the pocket rocket and that toffee bar looks delish! Making baby food is easy and makes me feel so domestic :)

  2. Your babies will appreciate your efforts!! :)

  3. I have gone to whole foods for less so dont fret my dear!

  4. Hahahaha bright pink peens! I love it. We have a famous sex store here (Good Vibrations) and I love checking out all their offerings. When I'm with girlfriends, we often play a game in there involving past boyfriends and the dildos on display. HAHA!


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