Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rob Dyrdek Fail

                                Rob Dyrdek is in town for Street League Skateboarding Tour.
My sister sent me an email that he would be doing an autograph signing at the local mall
so we thought it would be funny to ake the babies and go.

Boyfriend and I are not normally jersey chasers,
celebrities don't really phase us
(okay maybe T.I would....or Lupe Fiasco)

 But we're all fans of Rob & Big
we still watch reruns all the time
eventhough they've both moved on to Fantasy Factory.

We packed the babies up,
my sister drove back over to my house
 and the five of us treked to the mall.

We got there an hour before the signing
only to be told they weren't letting any more people line up.
They'd already accepted 500 people
and only 300 would get in.
At which point Eli started crying
as if on cue.

We were all kind of disspointed but I decided to shop instead
I mean, I can't wast a trip to the mall, right?


  1. Haha! Eli was pissed he didn't get to meet the celeb! Tooooo funny :)

  2. Glad you still took the opportunity to shop! :) That's my kind of girl!


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