Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post-Pregnancy Joys

Yesterday my hair started falling out.
And I mean falling out in huge chunks. 
I put Marakesh Oil on my hair after every time it gets washed
and end up with a fistful of hair in return.

I've heard this would happen.
I guess it's just my body's way of returning back to normal
I hope that doesn't mean my annoying friend will be returning soon too.

And okay body,
if you're returning back to normal, 
how about you return back to my pre-pregnancy weight too?
This 15 pounds is killing me.

Don't forget about the Book Swap!
I really hope you join us!


  1. Ugh. The hair loss part drives me crazy. I hate having hair EVERYWHERE

  2. My hair fell out in clumps too!!

  3. never been preggo...nor do i plan to be preggo...but i could use a little less hair. i have way too much.

  4. When that happened to me, I cried. I thought I was dying. NOBODY TOLD ME it happened. I googled hair loss after pregnancy, figuring you know, my hair loss equaled my uterus falling out of me covered in mold would be the result, but no... Stupid hormones. I agree, that last 15 pounds can be pesky. Love you!!!

  5. hey I hear ya! but don't worry, your hair goes back to normal. or you can just do what I did and buy the Jessica Simpson hair extensions :)


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