Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disco Nails

Anyone who follows me on twitter has already seen this pic but
the Sally Hansen nail strips are not as easy to use as everyone says!
I decided to give them a whirl Sunday morning
I started with my toes in case I really messed them up 
no one would see them

Maybe starting with my toes was a bad idea
I used the biggest ones first
so then I had to stretch quite a few to fit my fingers.
(It's pretty cool you can stretch them)

I didn't get the ones on my fingers nearly as perfect as my toes,
and it was time consuming!

I enjoy the overall look
but I'm not sure how I feel about them on my toes. 
For some reason, I kept calling them my disco toes.
Poor Boyfriend kept hearing, 
"Don't step on my disco toes."
"I bumped a disco toe." 

I didn't stretch some of them enough 
so on one thumb, I had to add another strip
and get the design lined up prefectly.
Today my boss told me I'm patient
I think I'm obsessive.


  1. I'll be honest, I didn't like that style in the box, but it actually looks awesome on you! I'll have to get those next time.

    you're more skilled than me...I couldn't figure out how to stretch them.

  2. Okay, THIS should be fun!!! Hahahaha....can you come over when my package arrives and help me.?!? Ha. They look really good. Very cool.

  3. I love that design!!

    I bought the blue sparkly design on Sunday and it was a disaster. I got 7 nails done and none of the other stickers had adhesive! :(

  4. that is so cool! love your ring too:)


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