Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Blogger Book Swap!

At the suggestion of Meli Faif, I bought a certain book.
After I finished reading it, 
I thought that I'd really like to pass it on to another blogger (or blog reader)
but I didn't want to do another giveaway.
 And with that -
The Blogger Book Swap was born!

We all have books laying around the house that we'd be willing to part with, right?
(Or you have a store nearby where you can purchase a book.)
Why not pass that book onto another blogger?
(or blog reader)

I asked the  fabulous Claire from Bicoastally to co-host and she said yes!
Here's the way it will work:
Email either: UndomesticChica@gmail.com
your address by May 30th
...please also include your blog name if you have a blog

On the 31st, we'll post the swap partners
and send you their address (privately - of course!)

You'll send your book (or two books) to your partner between the 31st and June 4th

And on June 8th, Claire and I will hold a link party 
so everyone can check out the amazing books we all received.

It would be really awesome if all of you participated
and grabbed the button to spread the word-
the more the merrier!

The book(s) you swap can be any book you've read and loved,
one you think your partner would love
basically there are no rules....
(except for the date guidelines above)

But I think it'd be really cool if you keep in mind
that certain books are super popular right now
So those may not be the best choices
but really, it's up to you.

Please play along!


  1. I am sooooo game!! I love this idea...and I am dying to know which book (EPL, Little Bee, WFE) you read because of me!?! I feel like a little literary lady now. Why thank you....

    Love, Meli

  2. Blogger is being spastic again, thus the "anonymous" comment...sorry!!!

    Love, Meli

  3. I'm excited! I have nine entries already, hopefully more to come. This is gonna be good :)

  4. Ok, count me in! I'll shoot ya an email!


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