Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: First Easter

Hi Peeps! How was your Easter? Mine was okay.....
We started off Saturday doing family pictures. This is the best one we came up with:
I don't love it, or the place we went to, but I get into detail about it on my other blog.

Sunday the Bambinos got their first visit from the Easter bunny!

Then we decided to join my dad and step-mom up at her family's so we drove all the way up to Lake Stevens. It was good seeing everybody since I hadn't seen some of them in years and most of them had not seen the Bambinos yet.
My step sister's kids are almost teenagers so she goes gaga for babies. She just loved playing with them

 It was good seeing everybody but thank goodness my step-sister's family was there! Usually the older adults sit around and watch golf (boring!) and my step sister and her husband are only two years older than Boyfriend so we had some people closer to our age to entertain us.

After we left my step-grandma and grandpa's, we drove down to my mom's, but I'll get into that tomorrow.
How was your Easter? Do you have any special traditions you celebrate?


  1. Awww, you look amazing and the boys are adorable!!!

  2. oh my goodness, look at those little men!!! so darn cute!


  3. lol! Glad you had something more exciting than golf to occupy your time. I'm not a golf kind of girl.

    And your family pic looks great! I like it :)

    I didn't know you had another blog...I'm off to investigate...

  4.!!!! Girl...your babes are TWO freaking adorable. I could kiss their nose non-stop. But, seeing as I am in TX...I guess that won't happen. BUT...when you come down and visit...Momma Meli will snap all the pics your sweet lil heart can desire!!! I am NOT a fan of studio pics. But, I'll go into that later. Ha! Going to check out the other blog now...

  5. The boys are SOOOO cute! I think that the family pic is is pretty impossible to get one when they are little. We STILL dont have pic of our family of 4...ha!

  6. Meli, I'd rather not have studio pics, but around here, people charge an arm and a leg to do location photos. Plus, we got quite a few pics for only $18....

    Thanks ladies, I still don't love the pic...but it's me I don't like in it. My sister said the boys look like lost children looking for their real families.

  7. your family photo is precious! i like it!!! sounds like a fun family filled easter. mine was kinda the same...minus my side of the family. still fun though.

  8. I don't understand how you don't love that top picture--it is SO CUTE! You look beautiful and the boys look ADORABLE--those little faces are to die for.

  9. OMG your boys are too cute! Looks like you guys had a wonderful first Easter. Look at those!


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