Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping

Ha! Got you with that title, didn't I? Suckas! I did go wedding dress shopping, but  not for me, Boyfriend and I have never even talked about getting married.

My good friend, Lacey is getting married in Puerto Rico in September (how awesome would that be, I wish the four of us could go) and asked me to go shopping with her. It's the first time I've been wedding shopping with anyone, it was so fun watching her find "the dress." 

Does she look like she had a baby two months ago?! 'Cause she did.


She tried some other really simple ones too, but I couldn't find any pics of them. She DID find a dress and ones of these is it but I'm weirdly afraid her fiancee will find my blog and the surprise will be ruined. I'm not having that guilt on my shoulders!


  1. A very wise and cautious call. And yay to the babies, no marriage gals!, I say.

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