Friday, April 1, 2011

Sometimes Blogger Makes Me Feel Dumb

Happy April Fools! It's Friday! I successfully made it through five days of working and leaving my babies home with my sister. After a huge bout of crying on Monday and Wednesday, I pushed through and made it to Friday!

Anyway, I know there's people who follow me whose blogs I have probably never visited so  I've been trying to go through my followers list and visit the ones I know I haven't visited. (If I haven't visited yours, I'm sorry, leave me a comment and make it easy on me to find yours.) So I'm trying to visit new blogs when I find some kickass ones I want to follow, except, when I click on the follow button, I get this screen
So I sign in using my google account and the same screen pops up! I have to follow using the bar at the top people's blogs. but some blogs don't have that bar at the top so I've had to bypass following some cool blogs just because I can't figure out the google account thing.

To make me feel even more dumb, when looking at my followers, I have two friend requests. what the heck is this?! I feel like I'm back on myspace. All Blogger says about it is "You and your friends will see each other across all Following blogs and Friend Connect sites." What the heck does that mean?! Maybe I should google it.

Anyhow, if I haven't checked out your blog, I'm sorry, it's not intentional. I try and at least check out everyone's blogs, I just can't guarantee I will follow them.


  1. Hmmm wish I knew how to fix that problem. I'm sure someone will come along and know how to do it :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I had the same issue a few days ago. And YAY!!! For making it your first week. What a blessing your sister can keep the bambinos. Lucky! {In my best Napoleon Dynomite voice} Have a fab weekend with your three loves.

  3. I subscribe to everything in Google Reader. It's MUCH easier than the "follow" function. Maybe give that a try?

    As far as the friend request thing, it's just another way to read and share blogs between other followers.

  4. Thanks Ladies, I keep meaning to do Google Reader, I just never have. Have a great weekend!

  5. sounds like blogger was in one of its moods. i'm sure it'll fix itself. usually does. i prefer should try it. it's so much simpler.


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