Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

After seeing this everywhere, I decided to participate. 

It's So What Wednesday
Link to Life After I Dew if you'd like to participate too!

So what if I started thinking about what I'd write for So What Wednesday last week

So What if I went to Target last week to pick up baby wipes and ended up picking up a shirt. I picked up what I needed for my kids and just happened to add a shirt to my cart.
So What if I have an irrational fear about the bathroom at work. I'm afraid that if I walk in and it smells like poo, whoever walks in after me will think I did it.

So What if I have a love hate relationship with my job. I love it but hate that if I have to leave my Bambinos.

So what if I talk about my Bambinos a lot. It's my blog, I do what I want :)

So what if I still get teased for being hood. I went to a ghetto high school and know all the gangsta songs, but I'm not "Bonquisha gonna kick yo' ass" ghetto.
So what if I'm slightly jealous of all the bloggers who post about their nice weather.Seattle has had an unusually large amount of rain this spring. We're known for our rain, but not this much.

So what if I don't plan on wearing a bathsuit at all this summer. Not one time. I have baby weight to get rid of still. Plus, summer is super busy for the radio industry so I barely have free time.


  1. Glad you joined in on the fun! I have the same fear about our bathrooms at work hah... and there's def times Ive walked into it being extra stinky. I usually make sure to walk out and say like 'ew it stinks in there!' just incase

  2. lol! I liked this post!! I think ahead for my posts's totally normal!!

    And while I love Seattle for all the city has to offer, I'd hate the rain.

    And I don't mind your bambino talk at all :)

  3. I think ahead for my posts, but not normally when I'm joining in a link party.

    that's a good idea Chelsea! Our bathrooms are shared by the whole floor so it's not like there's always a ton of people in there but I still don't want people to think it's me!

  4. LOL! I love this So What post. Oh and yes I have the same bathroom

  5. i'm right there with ya lady, i won't be wearing a swimsuit this summer either....i'm kind of bummed about it since i usually live in my parents pool but i'll get over it. i'll have a little boy to spend my summer days with :)

  6. Umm i just went to town at Target and I'm embarrassed at all the clothes I picked up on a whim!!

  7. I have the EXACT same fear of the bathroom at work. My office only has like 30 people in it, so its really easy to narrow down the group and hone in on a bathroom perpetrator. I've been known to go to another floor for my everyday!

    Great rant!


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