Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Children

I had to have a really awkward conversation with Boyfriend the other day. I had this manic episode and completely rearranged the Bambinos closet and pulled out the things they're getting too big for. It's so sad they're outgrowing stuff, I remember when they barely fit in anything!

As I went through their clothes, I had to ask Boyfriend whether I should hold onto some things in case we want to have more kids in the future.  It's awkward because I'd like the next step to be marriage but this conversation completely skipped that step and went to more kids.

Me: So I know this is kind of awkward to talk about already but should I hang onto the stuff they're out growing in case I get pregnant again?

Boyfriend: Well, I'm not sure I'm in the position to have more kids right now.

Me: (laughing) Well, obviously, I'm not getting pregnant for at least a few years. It's going to be a long time. But, you know I'd like to try for a girl eventually.

Boyfriend: Well, if we're having a girl, what's the point of hanging onto boy clothes?

Me: 'Cause we can't guarantee we'll have a girl!

The whole conversation made me giggle because I'm not thinking of having kids for a few years and Boyfriend made it seem like I wanted to be pregnant again tomorrow. And we could very well end up with another boy (which would be okay too) 'cause, ya know, I can't really control these things.


  1. Hahahaha...this one made me laugh. I say keep it! You can always sell it in a few years...

  2. :-) I would keep it too. I'm just now getting rid of the girls baby clothes. We're going to move into a smaller place and I decided if we have any more babies, I'll buy new stuff!!! hahahah!

  3. Ahh the conversations that make the world go round :)

  4. He wants to get rid of it because he doesn't like a ton of "stuff" and clutter. He actually said, "People gave us so much stuff this time, that if we have to buy it later, it's not a big deal." I'm keeping special outfits and stuff but white onesies and stuff I'm getting rid of.

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