Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Nails Edition

Well, there goes my hope of posting five days a week from now on. Yesterday morning was kind of crazy and it was crazy at work so I never got to take a break which is when I might do a quick post. Oh well, I know how busy being in radio gets.

Recently, I got this topcoat at Sephora. It looks really funny in the picture but it's a fun, clear coat with copper-colored sparkles. I'm wearing it two different ways: on top of  a tan-ish Opi color on my toes and on top of a clear base coat on my nails. I kind of like it without a color underneath.

Have you seen this? It's Katy Perry's shatter topcoat. It's always kind of fun to do something different on my nails when we're working concerts or something so I might try this.
Our logo is bright green with black too, so this color combo would be fun. I need to find a place that actually carries it and has it in stock.

If you're like me, you're completely inept at painting your nails. I end up with polish all over my hand, so these nail strips from Sally Hansen might be nice to try. They're real polish strips and I guess they're super easy to apply.
They have all kinds of colors and prints - even a denim-looking one called skinny jean.
They have a lot more than these even. I haven't tried them but the reviews said they're super easy to apply, and really do last 10 days like they're supposed to - without chipping- but the glitter ones are hard to remove with nail polish remover, just like normal glitter nail polish.

Have you tried any of these items? How do you like them? What are your favorite nail items?


  1. Wellllll I pretty much love this post, given that nails are one of my favorite topics. I haven't tried that topcoat, but I have tried OPI for Sephora's topcoat Only Gold for Me and I LOVE IT. It is one of my absolute favorites and looks beautiful on top of any color.

    And as for Sally Hansen's nail polish strips? THEY ARE GREAT. I have bought two different kinds (the bluegreen glitter and the ones that look like little fishnets) and they really do last a week or longer. It's incredible. Plus, there's enough in the box for fingers & toes, so you can just do your fingers twice if you want (which makes it more reasonably priced). I love them! Next up for me are the rainbow glitter ones. :)

  2. I saw those Sally Hansen ones at Walgreens the other day... I contemplated but then decided against. Like the idea, not crazy about the patterns though. Pink camo just doesn't match "business casual" dress code ;)

  3. Good luck finding the OPI shatter. I hear it is sold out EVERYWHERE.

    I've seen those Sally Hanson strips but haven't been sure if I trust that they'd really work that well. I think you should try them and report back to us!!

  4. I have heard those Sally Hanson strps work really REALLY well. And I think I am diggin' that copper sparkles. Hmmmm....I think I am gonna give em a go..thanks lady!

  5. I'm so boring when it comes to my nails. I never really jazz them up, always french manicure them and that's it. I need to be more daring...gonna think about giving this a whirl!


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