Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday
Link to Life After I Dew if you'd like to participate too!

So What if I've had a blog post about being a mom planned for over a month but still haven't written it.

So What if I put things on my to do list immediately after I finish it just so I'll have more to cross off.

 So What if I only took the nail polish off only one of my feet last night. It has a glitter top coat and I got tired of messing with it. I'll deal with it later today.

So What if last night I put the bambinos in their stroller instead of waiting for a car to pull in the spot. It was cold and I already waited for a car to pull out of the spot.

So What if I listened to the guy who wanted the spot talk shit about me to his wife and still didn't feel bad. He got to park maybe three spots down  - plus, you're like, 50! Grow up.

So What if I have more so whats but think I might save them for next week.

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  1. THis is fun, I probably need to start playing along...The "So What if I put things on my to do list immediately after I finish it just so I'll have more to cross off." totally cracked me up. I like that!!!

  2. I've done a few so what posts...I love it!!

    I'm so with you on writing things down so I can cross them's totally acceptable :)

    And yeah, rude people need to be more accommodating of mommies with babies!

  3. Normally I'm not so rude but one baby was already in the stroller and I felt bad for him. I hurried up, it's not like I'm a dawdler, he could have waited just a minute or two more. The guy literally parked two or three spots down from me, but he kept turning around to look at me as he was talking shit walking into the mall. Oh well.

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