Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Can Bake, Not Cook

Yesterday I made banana bread from a mix.

Don't judge.

Having only made banana bread once before  (that time from scratch) I only have that to compare it to, but the mix is pretty good. The only thing is, it's not quite as soft but I might have overcooked it.

I'm used to my step-mom's made from scratch so I think I'll stick with her recipe although the mix will do in a pinch.


  1. I much prefer baking too. That might have something to do with my raging sweet tooth :)

  2. You know what...I can cook and bake. But I really enjoy baking. Try this one out next time if you love oatmeal cream pies my lil debbie. Yummers...

  3. Megan, I have a terrible sweet tooth too - it's not helping me loose baby weight.

    Meli, I will try those, I'm always looking for more recipes. Thanks!

  4. YUM. I have made it from scratch several times and it's pretty darn easy, although I'm not opposed to mixes either! With two infants, baking ANYTHING is a victory in my opinion!

  5. That's exactpy why I tried the mix, normally I would have done home made but it takes way longer and they always need something whenI'm starting something (like a workout.)

  6. i have never seen banana bread mix, i suppose i never though to look for it either. i've also only made banana bread from scratch once. love the stuff though!!

  7. Amen. I bake (I make some mean cookies) but I HATE to cook! Unfortunately, I have 3 males in my house which need to eat, so I have conjure up SOMETHING edible for them to eat...I make a mean macaroni :)

  8. Woman after my own heart. I am so horrible in the kitchen. It's just not my thing. Baking is fun but I only get a random urge once in a blue moon. My poor husband haha. When I can't cook, I try to stick to buying stuff from the bakery. More expensive but then at least it's fresh I suppose.

    Hope you have a Lovely day!
    That Girl in Pearls

  9. I can't bake....mostly cause I've never really tried. I did make cookies once from a mix. Hubby can bake and fact he makes a mean Banana Nut Bread....but I can cook better! LOL! He's a damn good cook but I just think I'm better!

  10. Love banana bread! Whenever bananas get too brown I always stick them in the freezer with the best intentions of making banana bread... after a year or so I will let them go if it hasn't happened yet haha


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